2 Social Business Development Apps to avoid.. for now

This week I’ve been invited to two separate new business apps to try out and both have been a disappointment.


A Facebook app that sets out to connect you to business partners.

I joined, it connected me to all my contacts (I know them already) and then set about asking me to endorse people…

It suggested I endorse someone – Alan Moore.  So I clicked and because he hasn’t listed any ‘talent’s I can’t endorse him…. well that isn’t great – what If I want to endorse you about a talent (friendliness, humour) that you haven’t listed?

I tried again, Chris Lenton, It even suggested a sentence I could use (doesn’t that negate the value of the endorsement if it isn’t my own words?).


Try this one – an opportunity to get meetings or set up meetings as an intermediary with targets.  I want to meet people working at the commercial ports of Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch here in New Zealand.  So I listed that …. now every working day I get an identical email from Omri Horowitz.  Adding no value, explaining nothing and definitely putting me off the site.  Here’s what he says

Daily email from Meeting Angels

Is ‘social business’ really happening?

Haydn Shaughnessy writes in Forbes that he fears Social Business will fail.  But that’s because it isn’t replacing capitalist enterprise, it’s trying to become something different.  He sets out a case of a wider definition than just connecting with other members of staff.

Social business on this limited definition is an adaptation of your Intranet. It might be a great, big, wonderful Intranet, but it serves the same objectives and it will look and function like an Intranet.

That will not create new business opportunities, nor allow a company to transform itself without leadership forging a movement for change that impinges on employees, customers, and partners, bringing additional value to them all. That, on the other hand, is a social business.

Doing ‘good’ and enabling connections are, in my opinion subsdiary to the profit motive and will remain so for a long time.  Rawn Shah defines social business as

“how to use the power of network relationships, and online social interactivity to empower the processes of any business”

Writing in the comments of Haydn’s article, I added

I fear for the ‘bandwagon’ effect on the combined words ‘social’ and ‘business’.

This week I’ve been exposed to two new apps: Talent.me and Meetingangels.com

Both purport to be ‘social business apps’ and both are failing to deliver. The first seems to link to my network but not offer any subsequent steps, the latter just sends me spammy emails confirming that I’ve asked for an introduction to an organisation.

I’ve also spoken to another organisation, conenza.com who use alumni networks to leverage new business development. This seems better-conceived and I’m investigating further.  

I like the idea of social business on a B2B level, it is not yet even at the starting blocks of delivering value.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to use networks of networks to get the connections you need to drive new business for your firm?  Have you tried out these apps?  Do they work for you?   Please send us your examples.

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