6 Actions for you after Google’s updated “Farmer” algorithm

It is well known now that Google changed its search algorithm significantly last month.

The way Google searches and indexes your website is pretty important as the number one search site – if you’re not ‘found’ on Google your business loses out.

The change mainly affects sites who copy / reproduce content from other sites (commonly called farming) and do not add value to browsing readers.

What can you do?

  1. Produce unique content.  Write or re-write your material.  If you resell for others, add depth to descriptions with your own review / opinion to differentiate your site.
  2. Continue to write good copy in titles, metatags, HTML layout
  3. Make it easy for human readers rather than trying to second-guess bot readers
  4. Don’t waste your time working with ‘farmer’ website owners.  One of our clients set up relationships with sites who were sending traffic using automated link farming – their importance will probably drop after this roll-out
  5. Do check your site analytics and see whether you have been affected.
  6. Review your SEO and steer tactics away from those not favoured by Google.

SEO experts take a look at the SEOMOZ view.

A custom report for Google Analytics from Andy Beard.

If you have e-commerce clients they should read the analysis on Practical ECommerce.

Web masters read the technical issues on SearchEngineLand.

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