About Me social profiler is very useful

We’ve all got accounts on heaps of different social sites – here’s one that pulls together your wide range of accounts into a single page that is all “About Me“.  Which is coincidently the name of the service.

Tony Conrad - Founder of About Me

Tony Conrad – Founder of About Me

Its service is a single page summary of your desired public profile, plus links to other places online where people can connect to you.

Using a simple templated layout with strong graphics and use of imagery and customisable background colours, its easy to set up and create an unique, professional-looking page.

How to promote your page

The service then adds in reminders to encourage you to publicise your About Me page – on Twitter and in email signatures using little pop ups.

It also emails you a summary of activity including who’s looked at and favourited your page.  Mine got a quick lookin from Tony Conrad – the founder of the service…. so I sent him a Linked In connection request! [cheeky]

Twitter - add AboutMe URL

Twitter – add AboutMe URL

Which is cute…. and very sharable.

Connect and find your friends

About Me - add your contacts in one plage

About Me – add your contacts in one plage

Personally, I don’t see much utility in ‘following’ people on the AboutMe platform – but I can see it being useful to browse other people I know and alert them to my page.  Having created mine on 18 June, six weeks later several folks I know have looked at my page.

The app then encourages me to connect to others who I already know.

Interesting reflection: statistics of the people I connected with across the About Me platform

  • Facebook – 15 friends
  • Twitter 350+
  • Gmail – 85
  • Linked In – 13

Why?  Does this reflect the profile of each social platform and the number of “geek” and leading edge adopters I know on each.  I’m interested that G+ isn’t integrated yet but that’s obviously the lack of open API and it’s what makes G+ special – and yet it also isolates users on that platform.  My Gmail contacts aren’t the same as my G+ contacts.

You can connect to others on the social platforms from inside About Me – there are certainly people I am connected to on Linked In who I’m not following on Twitter and vice versa and this is a one-click request.  BUT, I find the automated connection requests from Linked In get a very low acceptance unless it’s someone I know very well – my preference is to customise the email explaining why I want to connect.  This isn’t possible from inside About Me.

Lastly, the team encourage you to use your AboutMe URL on your Twitter profile and that integration is very nice.  Although, I didn’t choose to enable at this time.

What do you think?  Would you use this service?

Encouraging cross-promotion by About Me

Encouraging cross-promotion by About Me


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