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What the F(acebook)?!

WTF? That’s likely a thought running through many people’s minds as they hear that Facebook has just announced one of the biggest changes to the social media platform – ever. With over 2.13 billion active users each month, there’s no doubt that this news has made a groundbreaking difference in the way that people and […]

How to stop visitors from ‘bouncing’ away from your website

Most cases, you’d want visitors to stay on your site. Hopefully, they’ll explore other pages and, ideally, fulfill your desired conversion – whether it’s signing up for a newsletter or buying a product online. If a lot of your visitors are ‘bouncing’ away from your website without performing any desired actions, you know it’s time […]

Video producer needed for an event

We’re holding a breakfast seminar on the 1st March and need a video producer to help record our event. This involves filming the 1.5 hour event and post-production editing to include the slides and audio. There’s no need for fancy graphics. The event is maximum 30 guests and will have only one speaker. We have a microphone […]

We’re hiring! – Digital Marketing Assistant

Creative Agency Secrets provides digital marketing services for brands and businesses. We are a leading agency innovating with new marketing techniques like SEO, community building, direct response and advanced blogging. When working with us, you will learn how to run and manage digital platforms such as a website, e-commerce shop, blog as well as learn […]

What not to do in an email campaign

Once you send an email, it’s impossible to recall it back. Once you send an email with a mistake, you can kiss your reputation goodbye. In the case of MTV bringing their popular television show, MTV Unplugged, to New Zealand, their advertising strategy left a lot to be desired. MTV vs. Millennials Earlier this year, […]

New website needed for women’s fashion label

Women’s fashion label needs website & ecommerce platform for re-launched brand. If you can specify a robust online store plus website which can showcase the intense detail of high fashion, this is a job for you.  The owners are very exacting about the need to create a visual showcase for their garments in an uncluttered […]