Calling all Typepad bloggers – check your RSS works

We’re stoked that a client of ours, FeedBlitz, has just become the RSS blog feed distributor of choice for Typepad the

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popular blogging platform.

This news comes as many suspect Google will withdraw their FeedBurner RSS distribution service after problems with deliverability, outages and a 100% lack of customer service [there is none].

They made the announcement and got great feedback from bloggers like Seth Godin who said

Feedblitz is a reliable, handmade alternative to Feedburner and other corporate solutions. They handle the email and RSS feeds to this blog, and Phil is just a pleasure to work with.

Well done to everyone at FeedBlitz – they are making waves online and we love working with the team.

If you want to discuss moving to FeedBlitz check out our FeedBlitz Expert services and schedule a call with us.  And no, you don’t have to use Typepad but you do need a blog or news page on your website.

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