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A Goodbye Letter from the intern

What I learned while working at Creative Agency Secrets

Dear readers,

I write to you today with news that are both exciting and sad. It feels like we have only just met, but I am already leaving. To those of you who do not know me, my name is Jakob Bjerre Knudsen and I have had the pleasure of working as an account executive at Creative Agency Secrets.

In my short time here, I have learned much about online marketing and how to do business in New Zealand. It has been a great experience for me and I am grateful to Rebecca Caroe for giving me the opportunity. I know that there is still much she can teach me, but sadly I must move on before that. An exciting opportunity has presented itself to me in the form of an invitation from a friend. I will be joining her team very soon.

I have learned a lot

As the primary responsible for several clients I have enjoyed a great opportunity to develop my management skills. We have have worked together to execute strategic marketing initiatives and grow sales. The experience has given me invaluable knowledge about the business culture in New Zealand and Australia.

I have also gained skills within:

  • Copywriting is a skill that allows you to make anything interesting for your readers. Rebecca is so good that she can make buying a new spare tyre sound like fun. Under her supervision I have improved my style and learned a lot of technical tricks.
  • Social media is part of any proper online marketing strategy. They offer unrivalled reach and the opportunity to connect directly with customers. At Creative Agency Secrets we help our clients use social media strategically to grow profits.
  • SEO is a skill that any online content creator should possess. If your content is difficult to read for search engine robots, people will never find it. At Creative Agency Secrets we take care to make our posts a good read for both robots and people.
  • Email marketing is one of the most effective tools to bring business to your site. We send offers and news to our subscribers that generate sales and improve the relationship between our clients and their consumers.
  • Google Analytics is a great tool for measuring the behaviour of users of your website. We use Google Analytics to analyse the performance of our content, email campaigns, and the clients website. It allows us to learn and continually improve the online business of our clients.

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have made my time with Creative Agency Secrets so special. To Amanda, Dennis, Jeremy, JD, Rebecca and Theo from the Creative Agency Secrets team. Thank you for your support and all of the friendly curry lunches. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

I would like to thank everyone at the BizDojo. It feels to me like we are all colleagues even if we work in different companies. This place is so full of interesting people, you will always find a good talk over coffee, lunch or your Friday beer (and Jägermeister if you decide to stay).

To you, readers, thank you for your time. I hope you have enjoyed this read and will continue to follow Creative Agency Secrets.


And best of luck to you all.

Jakob Knudsen

My internship at Creative Agency Secrets – by Amanda Wikström

Amanda WikströmMy name is Amanda Wikström and I’m a marketing student from Sweden. I have had the pleasure to work with Rebecca and the Creative Agency Secrets team for the last two and a half months. My internship has been a part of my education to get “real” marketing experience and the opportunity to test my knowledge in real life.

I feel that I have learned a lot, more the last few months at CAS than during the past three years in the University!  The University has taught me the theory of marketing and economics but here at Creative Agency Secrets I have had the opportunity to experience how a marketing agency is working in real life.

What I have learnt at Creative Agency Secrets

  • Blogging – I have been written my own blog about my internship. But the major blogging experience have I earned by coordinate clients blog calendars, I have written, researched, read, scheduled and planned for upcoming blog posts. I have learned how to create interesting content and how to use SEO to get it noticed by readers.
  • Social media – I have learned the importance with keeping up with social media and how and when to publish posts. I have also learned the theory behind the social media and how you can coordinate and connect your different social media channels with each other.
  • Google Analytics – I have learned how keeping track of your analytics can increase your business and help you develop new opportunities for the future. By tracking the traffic on your website you can take advantage of your market situation and change your behaviour on the website to suit your customers’ needs.
  • Client meetings – I have handled clients of my own, which has been scary, but at the same time very fun and educating. I have learned how important it is to always plan and be prepared for meetings. To get the opportunity to handle the clients by myself has giving me a lot more confidence and I have enjoyed it a lot.
  • New Marketing tools – I have been introduced to a bunch of great marketing tools that I have started to learn more about. I have learned how to set up accounts for clients and how to run them. The major marketing tools I used were WordPress, Mailchimp, FeedBlitz, Google Analytics and Teamwork to name a few.
  • The Importance of Researching – I have got experience and knowledge on how to research effectively and the importance of always be up to date on the latest research.
  • Website development – I have been introduced to different website CMSs and learned the basics about how to run them, upload content and link between different pages. As well as use SEO to get the website noticed.
  • Email marketing – I have learned the basics with e-mail marketing, what to think about when writing and sending e-mails to customers, how to set up accounts and create email templates.
  • Graphic design – From my colleague Theo Martin I have learned the basics of editing photos and text that can be used in blogs and on social media.

A Big Thanks!

I want to thank all the wonderful people in the Creative Agency Secret team  whom I had have the pleasure to meet. But I’ll like to send a special thanks to Rebecca who has been a great teacher/mentor and a huge inspiration!

Now I’m going back to Sweden for my graduation and hopefully find a marketing job that is as interesting and fun as this experience has been. I’ll wish the team at Creative Agency Secrets and the BizDojo all the best of luck in the future, lovely to meet you all!


Amanda Wikström




Working With Creative Agency Secrets – A Goodbye Letter From Theo Martin

Theo ProfileAfter two great years, I’ve learnt more applicable skills and industry knowledge here at Creative Agency Secrets than all my time studying marketing put together. Rebecca has been a brilliant guide and I can’t thank her enough for helping me build my marketing skills to set me up for greater endeavours in the future. As of Friday this week (the day this post goes live!) I’ll have left the Creative Agency Secrets team to follow my dreams down in Wellington.

Creative Agency Secrets is a marketing agency at the cutting edge of marketing that sees employees using a wide array of marketing skills for a wide variety of clients from big to small, owner managed to corporate enterprises.

What I’ve learnt at Creative Agency Secrets

  • How to run, manage, and write content for blogs. Particularly in WordPress.
  • Creating and building effective landing pages.
  • Using and perfecting WordPress websites at an intermediate to advanced level.
  • Writing effective copy for a multitude of different campaigns, projects, brands and personas.
  • Advanced email marketing including building templates, crafting newsletters and email blasts, managing email campaigns and understanding multiple email platforms.
  • Quick set-up, understanding and use of multiple marketing tools and platforms as they appear.
  • Advanced social media establishment and management skills.

One thing that sets Creative Agency Secrets apart as a work environment for me is the opportunity to expand unique skills that you bring to the agency. Rebecca recognises those skills and builds marketing opportunities around them to better support her clients, which in turn help you develop them…

Unique personal skills I’ve had the opportunity to grow at Creative Agency Secrets

  • Improved researching.
  • Advanced digital and real world marketing.
  • Event coordination and management.
  • Broadcasting/ podcasting.
  • Graphic design.

I’ll miss working here!

My time here has eased me into a fun and vibrant working culture that puts emphasis on quality and hard work. I couldn’t have wished for a fish work experience and Rebecca has taken such good care of me. She’s also brilliant at picking team members so I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside a fun and loving team every step of the way (special mention to Jonathan Lewis!!).

I wish all the best for the future of Creative Agency Secrets!

Theo Martin, previous Account Manager

Want to find Theo again? Then email the Leaping-Tiger team! Or connect with Theodore Martin on Linked In.

Amanda Wikstrom, the Intern

My name is Amanda Wikstrom and I´m a marketing student from Sweden. I’m here at Creative Agency Secrets for a 3 months internship which is included in my education. In May I will finish my third year of Marketing and be graduating which I´m really exited about. But first I want to learn more about marketing in real life, not just reading about it in books and I think I have come to perfect place for that.

This is my second day at Creative Agency Secrets and I’m still trying to learn and understand the business, but what I have noticed so far is that creative Agency Secrets can offer you many cool tools for your business to grove and be developed within marketing.

About Creative Agency Secrets

Creative Agency Secrets helps you find the best practical marketing tools for your business.  They can do all of your marketing if you want or if you only need marketing advice, Creative Agency Secrets can help you with that. They also offer you training courses with coaching or self-learning.

What we do

Google Analytics is one of many tools that Creative Agency Secrets use. I have just started to learn about and I find it very interesting but a little bit hard, Google Analytics can do so much and I have a lot more to learn . In my three months here I hope to learn more about how marketing work in the real life and which marketing tools are the most effective. I also like to learn more about social media, how to analysis the content and how to create interesting content that people will read and take part in.

Thanks for reading

This is my first blogpost and I hope that I will  learn more about how to blog and write interesting and engaging posts.

See ya /Amanda




What I learned interning at Creative Agency Secrets

Hi my name is James and I now work at Creative Agency Secrets, but that wasn’t always the case…

Back in March I was floating around handing my CV out left, right and center trying to find my first full time job. I had graduated from university in December and after a relaxing summer soaking up rays on the beach I set out on the quest for employment.

After a month of only small leads that didn’t turn into anything promising, I realised that it is actually quite hard to get a job without any experience. My previous work history consisted of small summer jobs and a season working on a ski field so my limited knowledge came straight from my degree. Most of the jobs that I found wanted at least a year’s experience, which I was lacking.

This lead me to looking at internships. An internship would give my CV that extra boost of experience to make me more appealing to an employer.

Enter Creative Agency Secrets.

Hired Rubber Stamp

A friend of mine had previously interned there and mentioned that they might be looking for someone as they take on interns regularly. He put me in touch with Rebecca and I got an interview. I either nailed it or they didn’t have any other options so I was offered a position as an intern!

The other intern…

When I first started at Creative Agency Secrets I wasn’t the only intern. There was another, a Swedish student called Johan. He was in New Zealand on a university exchange and was interning to get experience as part of his degree back in Sweden.

Johan helped to show me the ropes and settle into the team at Creative Agency Secrets, although it was a bit of a competition at first as I was the “new intern” invading his territory.

My internship at Creative Agency Secrets was short, it only lasted 6 weeks before I was offered a job. During these 6 weeks however I learned a great deal. I sat in on meetings with clients and learned the basic ins and outs of how the company worked. Before I knew it I was dealing with proper client work and gaining the valuable experience that I had wanted for my CV.

Some of the skills that I picked up during my 6 weeks as an intern and that I am still developing at Creative Agency Secrets include:

  • Using and managing social media for marketing purposes on the client’s behalf. Including the theory behind social media marketing and some technological tricks to drive traffic to your website.
  • Using analytics to track the effectiveness of our campaigns.
  • Dealing with clients using email, in person and client meetings.
  • Writing blog posts, for both clients and on the Creative Agency Secrets blog.
  • Researching and keeping up to date with the newest and most effective marketing practices.
  • Foosball, I have dramatically increased my foosball skills while I’ve been here thanks to the foosball table and the fierce competition that the other members of the Creative Agency Secrets team provide.

I have learnt a lot and continue to gain new skills here at Creative Agency Secrets. I have enjoyed my time here thus far and have been quickly accepted (I hope) as a valuable member of the team.

Two previous interns have also written articles about their experiences at Creative Agency Secrets. Johan the Swedish intern and Brad who worked here before my time, check them out.

Interested in becoming an intern or applying for work here?  Visit the Careers page. Creative Agency Secrets’ business model includes hiring and training ‘first job’ trainees giving them marketable skills.