Expert coding integration needed

We have a client who sells training courses to their customers.  These run over a series of weeks.  They have customers in New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA.

They need some custom coding to automate the process of taking a booking, sending autoresponder emails and SMS messages to remind customers throughout the course series to turn up!

They are using for the bookings; Vertical Response for the autoresponder and SMS Global for the instant messaging.

Bookeo has no API

Are there better alternatives to replace Bookeo?

This would be very attractive especially if the website could be configured to only display courses for the country the visitor is from.  The current Bookeo service only allows you to filter by category of class and a list of class venues – which isn’t searchable.   And so a better service which presented classes by City and then suburb using search rather than a pick list would be preferable.

Call Rebecca Caroe to discuss further.  And send us your scope of work and fee proposal.


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