Client screaming new tasks? How to prioritise

How hard is it to decide what job to do first for your marketing agency client?  They send you new ideas for brand marketing by email, by phone and twitter.  Getting a long list of campaign ideas isn’t a good way to build a brand.  We help you with a simple tool to help the client set the priorities.

We got a question back from a collaborator who said to us

It’s hard to get clients to understand priorities versus the last thing that popped into their head

Goodness don’t we know that one.

It’s a real problem for any creative agency needing to prioritise their campaign marketing work but you risk getting de-railed by the client who adds more and more jobs onto your task “to do” list.

Want a trick to help with this?

Here is our solution – firstly, we love clients who give us more work.  BUT some new work is not for more money and this risks getting distracted and losing the scope of the campaign as it creeps away from the intended target.  Some call this scope creep.

What to do

Get the client to list their 1-5 top priorities for the year.  Not your priorities, theirs.  Ranked from 1 most important through to 5.
When a new task comes in, ask which priority it fits in to.
And how much it will contribute on a scale of 1-5 to achieving that priority.
Calculate the total points out of 10.  This allows you to prioritise (BUT based on the client’s perceptions of importance)

Why we love this

The client gets to see whether the task really is part of their marketing focus and to decide how soon they want you to action it.

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