There’s a firestorm online as rumours of the demise of FeedBurner as an RSS to email delivery service circulate.

We are here to help you move your feed away from FeedBurner, including all your email subscribers, and get them happily reinstated on FeedBlitz.

Why choose FeedBlitz?

We chose FeedBlitz becasue they are the premium alternative to FeedBurner.

Take our quick quiz to find out if FeedBlitz is right for you

  • Is your blog important for your business?
  • Do you earn money from your blog?
  • Will your readers notice if your blog doesn’t arrive in their in box?
  • Do you sometimes need technical support and assistance?
  • Would you like to use your blog to build up your business?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions, consider moving your RSS feed to a reliable distribution organization.  Choosing a paid-for service gives you reassurance and greater certainty of delivery.

We help you move your feed

Our service is end-to-end from backing up your subscribers on FeedBurner through setting up a FeedBlitz account for you and moving the feed, the subscribers all across.

We help you update your blog with the new RSS.

What service do I need?

Checklist for migrating

  1. do you use FeedBurner for RSS
  2. do you use FeedBurner for email delivery
  3. do you use FeedBurner for Both RSS and Email delivery?
  4. do you use another email provider for email but FeedBurner for the RSS?