Do you need expert help using FeedBlitz email and social media automation for your website?  FeedBlitz is the service of choice for small business content marketing – we will help you.

You’ve come to the right place.

Creative Agency Secrets team are experts: setting up and integrating FeedBlitz services for your business website or blog.

Whether you want to send out your blog posts by email, build a mailing list for inbound and outbound email marketing or integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts to create a single message with information from all your online social media presences, we can set it up for you.

Pain free FeedBlitz set-up

When you know you want to use Feedblitz service but you are not confident about how to do the technical work, that’s the time to call us.  We will support you and make sure the back-end works perfectly so your readers, clients and customers barely notice a change.

  • Understand the features – first you need to know which of the FeedBlitz features you want to use.  Popular choices are FeedBurner migration and email subscription lists
  • Plan the migration – Your existing RSS feed and email subscribers need to be moved over to FeedBlitz
  • Communicate clearly – how to tell your readers about the changes you’re making and reassure them so they don’t unsubscribe

Once you’ve done the basics, there are sophisticated tools which will help you run your business communications smoothly using FeedBlitz.  We will help you work out which suit your needs and get them set up for you

  • Automate – set up newsletter mailings so they happen automatically, to your schedule
  • Monetize – earn money as an affiliate, with advertising in your feed or embedded newsletter adverts through FeedBlitz
  • Get the most out of Feedblitz – we can help you decide which advanced features suit your business and how to set them up

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