Firing clients – a nightmare scenario

Pre-Crisis Earth-Two Robin.

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Robin from PromoManagers writes about the ultimate agency nightmare client.  His firm acquired the business but the client doesn’t listen to the agency advice.  The relationship has been going downhil.

But they are stuck because the agency needs the income but they also recognise this client won’t ever be a huge success with the campaigns they run and won’t make them rich due to the lack of follow-through.

He says

I’ve been part of a team of people working on “the problem child” account for almost a year now. The short of it is that (a) they need more than just marketing to grow their business and (b) they blatantly ignore our recommendations and then complain that they’re not getting results.

This is clearly a failng relationship.

His article was prompted by an Entrepreneur article where the commenters all suggest their ‘best decision’ was to actually fire the customer – interesting that Robin didn’t feel he could do the same.  But maybe he’s not the decision maker in his agency.

Symptoms to watch out for – Nightmare Clients from Hell

  1. you complain to your co-workers A LOT about them
  2. nearly everything they say annoys you
  3. you find it hard to think of something positive to say
  4. when you see them the first thing that jumps into your head is negative or sarky/snide / negative
  5. you have to struggle to be enthusiastic about your work on their brand


Any others?  What do nightmare clients from hell make you do or thing?

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