Getting Started in the Overly Social World of Twitter

Twitter is a place where social butterflies flourish – a platform almost overwhelmed with content where finding your voice and your followers to hear it can be daunting. There are, as you’d expect, tricks to the trade. Below we have a pretty fail-proof method for getting your tweets off the ground and growing your followers.

Content themes

Have a content theme each day, week or month. At least two of your tweets per day should follow this theme, and the rest of your tweets and re-tweets just need to fit within your niche. For example, we have a food client and choose recipe themes based around seasonal dishes, holidays, etc and change it by the week. Twitter is an active social media platform – it needs to be lively and changing, but held together within a well-planned framework. In your monthly or yearly content strategy plan, include your weekly themes.


Your hubris may say that you write better content than your peers – that doesn’t matter, you still need to re-tweet. Keep the foundation of their tweet – the website they link to, and fill it with your own copy. Re-tweeting gets people in your industry to notice you. It’s an awesome way to get “free” content, and it’s part of the foundation of Twitter strategy – you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours; you follow me, I’ll follow you; you retweet me, I’ll pay attention to your tweets and retweet you too. It starts a conversation, a relationship.

Within your niche, you should:

  • Retweet influential individuals and associations
  • Retweet trending content
  • Retweet humourous content, specifically related to your niche

Social Media Links

You have multiple social media platforms working at once: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, your blog, etc. Linking some of these platforms can be beneficial if done correctly, and a disaster if not – you need to understand each platform and the potential for symbiotic relationships. For instance, Twitter is a platform that’s made for a lot of content – you can tweet anywhere from 3 times per day to 15. Facebook is largely a platform for social news and can’t support as much commercial content –  if you’re a company that “bombards” a fan’s feed, you’re going to get ‘unliked’ very quickly. Many people have made the mistake of feeding their tweets through to Facebook and completely overwhelming their followers. The opposite move is a positive social media link. Let your Facebook posts, which occur daily or a few times per week, automatically flow to your Twitter feed. This will help drive traffic to your Facebook page, without over promoting it, and Twitter can handle that much content.


Followers vs. Following

The golden ratio of those who follow you (followers) vs those you’re following hovers around 1:1, but absolutely never errs on the side of fewer followers.

 Building your list is a slightly different story.

In the beginning it’s necessary to follow very relevant feeds in order to get noticed by the right crowd, and there is a strategic period of time in which they outnumber your followers. Most users will “follow you back”, which is why the ratio is often 1:1. So when you start out, use a step approach – following the most relevant users first, and wait for them to notice you and follow back. Then you follow another group and wait for them to follow you back. Don’t try to grow your list to a thousand on day one. Let it happen at a natural pace.

New Followers

Despite the golden ratio of followers vs. following, don’t re-follow blindly once you get established. We do a background check on new followers, follow those in our niche and specifically reach out to the interesting ones. We start a conversation.

God Bless Tweetdeck

Now, if you’re still using Twitter straight from the web, don’t waste a moment, just download Tweetdeck, now.  It allows you to manage your Twitter feed from your desktop, create columns to follow various hashtags, keep an eye on mentions and new follows, schedule tweets in advance, and even manage multiple Twitter accounts. It will change the way you use Twitter, and it will simplify your social media world.

Now, get tweeting.

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