How to benefit from conferences you attend

Preparation is key to getting the most out of any conference or seminar you attend.  But it’s often hard to make this work for busy executives.

Enter EventExtra.  A new service from Matt O’Neill [he’s the person who introduced us to our Guest blogger, Paul Foley]

EventExtra’s sole purpose is to help conference participants be better prepared and briefed before they arrive.

Once at the event, EventExtra creates new ways to generate energy and engagement that focus on measurable outcomes.

It is ideal for those typical two to three day off-site internal conferences with participant workshops.

Tell me more?

EventExtra works in two interconnected, yet potentially separate ways:

  1. Engaging both participants and the wider organisation through facilitated digital communication. By creating a ‘before, during and after’ component, people are more invested in the process.
  2. Providing workshop facilitators who practice a ‘100% buy-in’ principle, which takes participants beyond traditional ‘talking shops’ into accountability and commitment to achieve outcomes beyond the event itself.

Although the team here have been developing these techniques for over five years, it is only recently a decision was made to bring everything together into a single service.

Hence EventExtra was born.

He asks for help

Matt wrote to me asking for my help.  I have done my bit – can you?

The favour I ask is to simply ask if you know of people who are involved in initiating conferences or acting as an internal sponsor and might be interested in this fresh approach to achieving a far greater return on their investment in these events. Very often these people will be senior managers or directors responsible for issues such as organisational change, sales and marketing or HR.

If you know anyone that could fall into these categories, could I call on you to forward this email to them, together with this link to the site at

I rarely ask for help, and I would not normally do so without believing totally that the skills EventExtra brings to incompany conferences will totally transform their effectiveness. So in helping me, I firmly believe you will be passing on something of real value to people you know.

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  1. Matt O'Neill
    Matt O'Neill says:

    Most kind of you to post this, Rebecca. I appreciate the gesture!

    Those readers who have involvement with internal conferencing may find the following report useful. It is the written output from a two hour workshop combining the thinking of 40 communication professionals. Entitled ‘What makes for the Perfect Internal Conference’?

    Forty minds gave 1 hour of thought each, so it’s full of useful ideas.

    Thanks again,


    • RebeccaCaroe
      RebeccaCaroe says:

      Matt – thanks for sharing that is a most valuable document and offering a free download really shows how to avoid the ‘cons’ and focus on the ‘pros’. Thanks very much.


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