How to market to existing customers

As a marketing agency we spend a lot of time thinking about both current and new customers and brands.

Does your 2013 marketing plan include tactics for existing customers?

Here’s what we do

  1. Encourage all clients to join our newsletter list – they can choose which of our 3 lists to join
  2. Run events – we do a monthly business breakfast.  Alternate events are free and paid for.  Guess what?  Our customers come along without paying – our guests.
  3. Be alert to news and new tools and tactics which existing customers could add to their job sheet with you.  We research technologies, attend conferences and we’re always thinking about ways to share good new tools with our inner circle.
  4. Up-sell your clients to a new marketing package.  This January, we set a specific task to re-engage with all our client brands as we did their 2013 year plan.  Many agreed to drop some activities and replace them with new ones.

The most important part of our business marketing plan is our monthly activity sheet.  Split activities or colour code them to make it clear what’s for new prospects and what’s for existing customers.

We’re full of ideas that could re-focus your marketing tactics onto existing customers.  Get in touch!

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