Make it Easy for Your Readers to Subscribe to All Your Blogs on One Page

You’ve got a heap of great blog news content but some of it needs to go to only some of your mailing list subscribers.  But you know your customers have overlapping interest areas – maybe they want to get several of your blog newsletters or blog RSS feeds?

How do you enable multiple feeds but let the customer choose which ones she wants to read?

We have the perfect solution using the all in one solution for email and social media marketing automation.

Get started with a FeedBlitz account for your RSS feed and blog – yes it costs, yes it’s worth it, no you don’t have to pay for 30 days.

  • Set up the feed – or ask Creative Agency Secrets to do this for you
  • Set up a email subscription list for each feed – we can do this too and migrate over your existing list

Here’s how to set up the blog subscription page

First go to your account dashboard by logging into FeedBlitz.

Then scroll down to the mailing list you want to start working with…. be sure it has the little envelope image  as this is a mailing list (not the orange RSS icon).

Click the Manage Mailing List menu link in the dark grey box below the list.

FeedBlitz manage mailing lists

FeedBlitz manage mailing lists

This opens up the page where you manage that mailing list.  Look for the orange menu buttons at the top right of the page.

Mailing list management page menu

Mailing list management page menu


Now click the Form Code button and this will open a new screen where you can manage the subscription options for this mailing list.

Look at the image below “First Three Options for Feedblitz form code”. Edit points 1 and 2 to suit your needs.

First Three Options for FeedBlitz form code

First Three Options for FeedBlitz form code

Now for point 3 you have choices on radio buttons.

  • This list only – this is the default
  • All my public mailing lists – this is EVERY list on EVERY website you have under your management within FeedBlitz.  If you’re an agency, this may be a lot of lists!
  • All public mailing list in this list’s site – this is probably what you want…to stay with this website’s subscribers.

Now if you click either of the bottom two buttons, options 4 and 5 are revealed as in the image below.

Advanced form code options in FeedBlitz for multiple lists

Advanced form code options in FeedBlitz for multiple lists

Now you have options 4 and 5 to enhance the design choices for your site.

Remember, radio buttons and drop down lists only allow ONE list to be selected, but check boxes allow multiple lists.

Choose options in 5 that suit your needs.  Popularity is based on the subscriber numbers, more subscribers = higher popularity.

When you’ve completed your selections, scroll down the page to the unique html form code for your website.

Copy the form code and past it into your website on the page(s) where you want it to display.

How the customer chooses the list she wants to subscribe

The reader will be asked ONCE to put in her email address.  Then when she clicks subscribe, it opens a new page on which all the lists are displayed (if you selected the check box option above), and the reader can choose which she wants.

By default all are checked to begin with.

Want to learn more about FeedBlitz – the best tool for distributing and sharing your blog content?  


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