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The latest marketing techniques are not yet in business books or being taught by universities and training firms.

There are advantages in being the first business in your town or industry to implement a new method.

You get a head-start over the rest.

And you make it harder for your competitors to catch up.

Getting trained in the latest marketing methods will help you get ahead and stay ahead.

Do you want self-directed learning?

Do you want to be taught in a formal classroom?

Do you want one-on-one coaching?

Creative Agency Secrets shares its expertise with you. We find out new techniques regularly through our client work. And we are generous – we want to share our learnings with you.

Get yourself onto the modern marketing elevator to new business success – invest in your team’s education and training.

Buy a modern marketing training course and watch, read and listen in your own time. This training courses page allows you to buy our training courses from as little as $10. Buy off the page and download the course immediately.

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Join a classroom training event for an intensive learning session. We run face to face training for public groups and private businesses on demand. Read our list of training courses for modern marketing.

Get custom training for your team designed just for your needs. Create a course that exactly fits your needs – we'll help you design the perfect training event.

I Just Need Some Questions Answered

That’s easy – we sell by-the-hour marketing coaching for private clients.  You can phone, Skype or meet us and we only charge for the time we are talking.  Prices start from NZ$300 per hour plus GST.

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