Few marketing agencies use a methodology to deliver marketing and business development success. We do, download our Methodology for New Business Development

We have an 8 Step process which supports all our client account planning and day-by-day marketing services delivery.

The benefit for you is this makes marketing more of a science and less of an art of guesswork.

Are results guaranteed?  Hell yeah!

We know this works because we use it daily.  Each of our clients gets analytics that tracks outcomes.  We kick off new client work using this methodology.

8 Steps to Marketing success

  1. State your business – articulate proposition, understand competitive offerings
  2. Marketing communications – what you’ve done to date and the results
  3. New business pipeline – sales by stage, success and failure analysis 
  4. Profile raising – how you become famous, where your audience(s) can be found
  5. Relationship development – what tools are used, how to persuade prospects to share their contact details, then bring them in store. 
  6. Creating opportunities – where could you be selling and building a clientele, growing brand awareness and formalising the referral marketing process
  7. Making new business happen – internal processes that support the sales funnel
  8. Analysis & Feedback – the metrics to see what works and does not work

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We blog constantly about these 8 steps of marketing tactics giving you ideas to implement and demonstrating how to incorporate all the elements into your own business marketing plan.

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