Shout! with Andrew Grill, Kred

We had the opportunity to interview Andrew – an awesome advocate of online reputation management.

There are two ways for the auience to use Kred – a mirror on their brand or a competitor brand.  It’ll show you how social media sees your brand – which content resonates, which countries/cities and communities are engaged the most.  The number “influence over outreach score”  10 means they are we’ll engaged with our audience.

The other thing is looking at what communities the brand resonates with – target market….

The Kred story

The content that resonates the most is bubbled to the top of the page. Kred has the Twitter firehose – you can look at your name, your company name and competitors…. see what it is that they are doing.

Rebecca Caroe Kred score

Rebecca Caroe Kred score

I can also look at their Kred profile and Twitter bio…. Kred gives an holistic view of where they have impact – it can be used for lead gen if the person has a twitter profile…   All  that’s free.

A brand comes to Kred and wants to look at 200-300 profiles – Kred for Brands is a separate service.  Ways to use Kred

  • You can run campaigns to find influencers in a location or segment…
  • bespoke searches and internal scorecards
  • – leader board
  • – who today is talking about Kred…
  • at an event hashtag gives real time ranking… a great way to gamify an event.

Andrew joined in June 2011 and Kred launched in Sept 2011.  Influence building is his main focus…

I’ve been building brands for a number of years – we decided to use social media.  We picked 30 Kred leaders early on and they have invludnce in their own areas – we had a summit in May 2012 and talked about our plans.  This army liked what we do. 

I do a lot of twitter chats, blogging and public speaking.  I comment on blog posts about influence.  Twitter chats… lots of interviews In the early days it was a Kred vs Klout discussion – it was easy to say why we’re different – transparent, real time and focus on the community not the topics.  The transparency really resonated… we publish how we score each profile.

My personal brand has also been seen as having integrity.   I also do Skype calls into universities in the USA – and lectures at London Business School.  In the influence game, unless you know how these things work scepticism remains.

What are your regular actives responding to customers?

FB, G+ and Twitter directly.  If the CEO is active and responding it is good.  I identify the positive and negatives I get Google alerts and so any story about influence I comment in and sign off as the CEO of Kred.

At SXSW there was a panel discussion criticising us and a journalist called me for comment. The Influence industry is very young.   I think Joe at Klout is not a natural communicator and maybe he’s not as comfortable speaking to journalists – I think you have got to be seen to be actively involved. A lot of the thought leadership I do I don’t pitch or mention Kred.  The soft sell is a good approach because I talk from a leadership position.

How do you do your own biz dev?

Tools of the trade: the E-tap… if I’m going to target someone here’s what I do

  1. follow them on Twitter..
  2. look at their Linked In profile
  3. I ensure that my  Linked In profile is completely open so when I contact them they are already warmed up.  It shows I’ve done my research.  They get notifications about who has looked at their Linked In profile.
  4. I rate people and if they don’t have a Twitter profile – it shows they aren’t really interested in digital.
  5. I use webstats – it gives you realtime analytics.  Look at the Spy option which shows who’s hitting the site in real time

On linked in you can add rich media to your profile.  I video my talks, I have stuff about all my roles.  People get a sense of what I’m about.   I own the front page of Google for my name… my Linked in, Slideshare, Twitter and other owned assets.  Google ranks me highly because my presence online for a long time.  I renewed my domain for 10 years and Google favours that…. In G+ there is a thing called Author rel, if on your G+ you link to your blog and the blog links back…


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