The Creative Agency of the Future Book

I am writing a book about what the creative agency of the future will be like – how it is organised, managed, how clients are invoiced, how people are hired, how brands brief and pay agencies.

You will have read the Creative Agency of the Future blog posts recently and may have noticed the hashtag #FutureAgency about.

To do this, I am looking for partners to help me with the research and facts for the book.

These may be

  • Agency owners
  • Agency managers
  • Brand managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Marketing bloggers
  • Professional Associations
  • Groups of professionals with common interests in agencies, marketing and brands
  • Magazine publishers

The research question

The core of the research is to ask one question:

What are you doing today that is different from 2 years ago?

Would you help me?

By getting involved, you’ll both receive a copy of the book, and find out great tips which may help you improve your margins and run a better agency business.  Or if you’re a brand, find out how to better work with agencies.

If you are interested in helping out, please add your details to the comments – or email me with your country and skype or phone number if you would like to help us with this fascinating project.

Best wishes,
Rebecca Caroe

P.S. To date we’ve found agencies who are working for clients without contracts, agencies subcontracting digital development, agencies with flexible client charging.  These are NEW TRENDS.

P.P.S. Please share this with others you know who might be prepared to contribute.

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  1. Mark McLaughlin
    Mark McLaughlin says:

    Over roughly 10 years – from about 1995 to 2005 – the ad agency business went through a profound change driven by unbundling of media in the US, the growth of holding companies and the role of procurement executives in the negotiation process between clients and agencies.

    By coincidence in terms of timing, the consumer,s use of media was going through the most profound change in modern times. Bigger then the birth of TV, the Internet and digital media fundamentally changed consumer behavior and media consumption.

    Just when we needed agencies to be leading the way with new insights and strategies, they were distracted by a sea change in the business model that was unaligned with the needs of marketers to stay out in front of new consumer behavior.

    If you’d like to have this conversation, let me know.

    • Rebecca Caroe
      Rebecca Caroe says:

      Mark – great insight and totally correct. Have you seen this slide deck “Marketing Chessboard” on the progress of the industry by Bob Sanders.

      It covers off the time you describe neatly.
      But of course, history doesn’t repeat, it evolves and what the future holds will be different.

      I will email you to fix a time to speak – appreciate your comments.


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