The internet is becoming a giant yellow pages

Writing about the issues facing ‘premium publishers’ online, Mark Walshcomments on the increasing sophistication of

Auckland 2004 Yellow Pages books

Auckland 2004 Yellow Pages books (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

advertising buyers in order to find ways to place adverts in front of consumers.  This is all happening – but it’s the tail end of a ‘lost cheese’ situation.  The internet is like the yellow pages – people search there when they want something, not when they are reading or browsing.

Bob Gordon from the Auto Channel commented

Why go to the web if there is no content? Does Mr. Wieser foresee the day when the web is just a giant yellow pages?

I’m thinking that his ‘giant yellow pages’ prediction may be truer than many have thought.

The internet will not become a yellow pages – but parts of it behave like this already.

Slim down search and increase relevancy

The rise of content marketing and adjustments to search algorithms (Facebooks’ recent EdgeRank reduced brand page prominence and Google’s promoted links) show that when consumers are reading they are reading and often don’t want ads

… and when they are searching they are treating the internet like a giant yellow pages and they want information – which can be in an ad or an article or a link.

Brands need to adapt or die

Consumers lead; brands follow.
But the search engines and social media hosts command the army.
It’s the new online order.

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