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The  client has a part-built WordPress website which needs a strong design improvement.

Quality Website Developers

Quality Website Developers

We need a team to take over the current design and create a robust wireframe and template design that fits with their corporate logotype.  We want the end result to be clear and simple for the reader.  

Start from scratch or re-work

You can choose to use the part-built site or for you to start from scratch. The Uber Menu plugin is already purchased.

The home page needs to be easy to navigate and to find the three separate locations (Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga).  Each site has slightly different services and unique location information.

The client is in the transportation industry.  There are two separate “personas” who will use the site – the manager in the office and the driver out on the road.  Hence, a responsive site for the road-based user is essential. The needs of these two groups of people are different and the site needs to reflect this.  

  • The driver on the road will be using a mobile browser and needs to quickly access the location address and phone number so they can check the webcam and click the phone number to ring in.
  • The manager will probably be on a desktop computer, will have more time for browsing and will be more interested in the pricing, services offered and will want to email us.

Website Content

We have ready all written content, photos, logo, illustrations.  These can be supplied on day one.  There is a web feed from a webcam (still images refreshed every 1 second) which needs to feed onto two of the pages.  We will supply the embed code.

To find out more email Rebecca and we’ll send you a detailed brief.

How does Sub-Contracted Services Work?

We send you a brief against which you do a quotation.

We send your quote to the client who makes a selection.

You deal direct with the client – bill direct – brief direct.

Creative Agency Secrets does not take a fee from you for this work, nor do we want you to pad the quote in order to pay us commission.  Transparency is key as it builds trust.

We are frequently retained as project managers for the job and so you will find yourself working alongside us.

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