Which marketing tools return the most revenues?

This perennial question gets harder to answer for many businesses as we add increasing numbers of marketing tools and assets to our already busy schedules.

So take a look at this research published by Flevy about the channels which return the most revenues.  It’s probably unverified self-entered data from the sample but the inference is clear – which ones work for you?

For Creative Agency Secrets we spend the most time Blogging, Direct mail/email and Seminars.

Our largest payback comes from Website/blog, referrals and Direct mail/email.

The research was done with consultants, not marketing agencies nor SMEs and the sample is skewed to small/micro businesses.  I still think it’s helpful.

Marketing time spent versus $ payback by channel

Marketing time spent versus $ payback by channel

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  1. Eleanor Taylor
    Eleanor Taylor says:

    Interesting. Most execs expect advertising and sponsorships but I have always that that they return very little. Not really surprised that referrals and networking return most – people buy from people. Useful infographic – thanks.

    • Rebecca Caroe
      Rebecca Caroe says:

      Your instincts are very accurate, Eleanor. Sponsorships are, in my view, hardest to justify because the essence of sponsorship is NOT selling and so tracking enquiries and brand awareness requires surveys and other tools that are pretty inaccurate and hard to relate to hard $$ sales.

      How does the balance of your marketing spend compare?


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