Write once: Use three times – hacker skills for marketers

One of the principles Creative Agency Secrets uses with its clients and the content marketing resources we develop is

Write once: Use three times

Helpful, time-saving tools that enable this include our client, Feedblitz.com.

Sonia Simone writes about the utility of a wordpress blog to create a content hub for your brand.  She makes some great points and so here’s the comment we wrote for her

Thanks for reminding us that many people think they don’t have the software to read blogs.

I find many brands don’t want to use the word ‘blog’ but are happy to use the functionality of a blog.

And of course, one of the key attributes of a blog is sharability and RSS delivery of content to readers.

But if your reader/customer/prospect thinks they don’t have the right software to read a blog they certainly won’t want to use something called RSS or an RSS reader:
Combining content distribution with email is the key activity for content marketers.

As you write “If you focus your time and energy on driving traffic to your blog (and then on to your email list, so you can continue the conversation with your readers), you’ll be building an increasingly valuable asset

And, of course one of the tools Copyblogger uses (and I fully endorse) to drive your content out to your readers is Feedblitz.com.

So helpful, so easy to set up and so easy for your readers to receive your content in whatever medium they choose.

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