You’re invited to: Using Autoresponders to Drive New Business

Did you know that autoresponders are one of the “hidden tools” that successful new business programs use to get incoming leads?

This particular training webinar teaches you how to win more business by building a mailing list and using autoresponders. Autoresponders are an important and versatile communication tool. For example, if customers are having problems using a product an autoresponder can provide them with easy steps on how to use it. Maybe you have a story to tell, an autoresponder can keep customers engaged with weekly readings instead of sending them a straight wall of text. In turn, customers follow you, buy from you, spread the word on your company and are drawn into engagement with your brand.
Creative Agency Secrets’ training webinars are all about giving people the knowledge and skills they need to harness powerful marketing techniques. As these training webinars are live & online they are just like a seminar. An example of this is the use of text chat so you can question the presenter directly, providing a higher level of engagement not found in training books or videos.
In this training webinar you will learn how to:

  1. set up and build your autoresponder mailing list
  2. attract and grow an audience for your product/service
  3. how to inject sales messages, market research and customer service support into your autoresponder
  4. when and how to segment mailing lists
  5. set up self-selection by customers to shorten the sales cycle


Get your ticket and you’ll have:

  • Access to the webinar and its audio recording
  • A free e-book about everything you’ll learn at the webinar


See you at the webinar.

The Creative Agency Secrets team

P.S. 100% refund if you are not fully satisfied

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