Let’s look at corporate responsibility….

What does your company do as far as embracing diversity within the work place?

Poly Emp Employment & Advisory Service is a supported employment agency that works with young Poly Emppeople that have learning and intellectual disabilities. We place young people that want to work into mainstream employment. To do this we actively market to work places.

Did you know that 17% of New Zealand’s population have a disability? These people all shop, work, go on holidays and contribute to their community in some way. Unfortunately these people with a disability encounter huge barriers when it comes to finding employment. Creative agencies will all know that when you understand the impact of disability on customers your clients will reach a wider market as all of these customers have family, friends and colleagues.

Poly Emp Employment & Advisory Service has recently placed a client of ours at Y & R NZ Ltd in Auckland. This young man has a learning disability and visual atrophy. This young man is an admin assistant at the business, he does all sorts of basic tasks for example kitchen duties, simple admin duties, setting up meeting rooms, organising client refreshments and collating financial invoices. This is a job that was created for this young man.

How about giving someone a chance at being a contributing member of society by employing them? Contact me anita.walker@manukau.ac.nz at Poly Emp Employment & Advisory Service let’s have a chat.

Working with the millennial generation

Rebecca got interviewed on the hugely popular Getting a Grip on Time Podcast with Robyn Pearce last

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Getting a Grip Robyn Pearce

week.  The discussion focused on how business owners can adapt to work with the Miliennial generation who are coming into the workforce.

Creative Agency Secrets has an intern programme and so Rebecca has had a lot of experience learning about different expectations, working skills and job satisfaction.

Listen to Getting a Grip on Time Do More with Less – a Win-Win way of working with the millennial generation.

Unless you are living in a cocoon, you’ll probably have young people somewhere in your world. You might be a parent, grandparent, an employer or you work with one or more.  Or you are a Millennial yourself – born in the last decade of the 20th century.

Do Millennials really see themselves as the ‘entitled’ generation or is their way of approaching work a result of the world they find themselves in? Rebecca Caroe of Creative Agency Secrets believes it’s the latter. For example, did you know that 37% of people under 30 are self-employed, many because they can’t find work or don’t want to do the work on offer?  She has a policy of hiring young inexperienced marketing graduates as interns and training them up to begin full-time work (if that’s their choice). She sees this as a form of social entrepreneurship – a form of giving back and/or paying it forward.

Rebecca shares an abundance of practical strategies for young ones preparing for or seeking their first jobs, the employers considering hiring them and even for the institutions who teach them.

You’ll learn:

  • What do employers need to look for
  • How to motivate the young ones
  • How to treat them with fairness
  • How to work with them in flexible and effective ways
  • What Millennials can do to prepare for work opportunities

If we can have sufficient flexibility to tap into the initiative and creativity of this generation of digital natives we have a fabulous opportunity to enhance our companies and our lives, let alone support the people who will one day be running our world.