Creative Agency Secrets uses a myriad of tools to achieve it’s goals and deliver the highest quality services it can.

Below is a list of some of these services as well as links to our reviews and service descriptions:

  • – A list creation and sharing tool. As lists are shared they can be added to by others. A perfect collaborative business organisation tool.
  • – This tool aids a user in combining online articles and noteworthy information into an online magazine format which the user can send out to their friends and colleagues.
  • FeedBlitz – Blog subscription handling, email marketing and list management, social media page tracking, it’s all here. A comprehensive and powerful web tool for any business with an online presence.
  • Google+ & Twitter metrics tools – Here are several tools to track changes on your social media accounts while comparing and contrasting them to other accounts (like your direct competitors).
  • Google AdWords – Displaying ads on can be extremely effective, and this is exactly what Google AdWords offers.
  • Pay-With-A-Tweet – A social media payment system based on sharing content using your social media in exchange for the same on another’s social media. A fresh take on trading and currency (the trading of social capital).

Website analytics tools

  • True Social Metrics – This tool is all about gathering information about your social network sites and creating comprehensive reviews that span more than you can dreamed of. Rather than contrasting base figures like other social metrics tools, True Social Metrics also shows statistics such as progression analysis and popularity based on each individual piece of content.
  • Open Site Explorer – Put your website URL into Open Site Explorer and you’ll be shown how many links there are on your website and the resulting authority your website has (how searchable it is) in a range out of 100.
  • Technorati – When you search for your blog you’ll be shown just how much influence you possess in the blogging world. Technorati splits your authority based on your content and tests how active those types of readers are on your blog and how often it shows up within related pages.
  • Google Analytics – Once you link Google analytics to your website you have a whole range of tools that assess your website and bring you the results. From which platform people access your website off of, to how long visitors stay on your website, Google analytics helps you manage what content is strongest on your website so you can shape it to be popular.
  • Add This Analytics – If you want to know how active your visitors are on your website, Add This can give you a good idea. Add This calculates the number of searches, clicks, shares and copies that readers are doing on your website. You can also pinpoint this activity as it shows where activity comes from on a world map.
  • Topsy – As a tool used to identify your most dedicated followers and trending sharers, Topsy shows you who is mentioning you around the web. This is good for identifying influencial persons that are sharing your content who you should connect with.