Image and Tone: The Essentials of Marketing

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These are two of the most important aspects of marketing a brand. If you fall down in these two connected areas, then you will fail as a business. I’m going to explain why they need to be done well and the individual benefits of both of them.

Brand Loyalty

This is the big picture that you need to be aiming towards and image and tone are the main players in making this happen. If you can foster brand loyalty in your customers then you will stay on top of the world for as long as you can maintain that loyalty. The best example I can think off is Apple. The loyalty that the Apple customers feel is bordering on the psychopathic as you just have to look at the detestation they outwardly feel whenever they see an Android phone – even though many Androids are better than Apple phones. They look upon a Sony user like you would if a rabid dog came and urinated on your kid. This is all to do with brand loyalty. Whenever they need a new phone, they will go straight to Apple and the thought that other people have something different both baffles and sickens them.


Your brand image needs to be consistent. This is how you present yourself to the world and your customer base. You need to find an image that works and stick to it. The image needs to sum up your business succinctly and make it recognisable. If your brand image stays consistent across your entire business, then people will respond to it well, because they will recognise it, which will give them positive feelings, because if there’s one thing people hate, it’s newness. People want to know and trust their brands and so by keeping up a strong image, brand loyalty will start to grow like bacteria.

Tone of Voice

This is directly tied to your image, but is separate enough that it gets its own section. There is an interesting article here about the tone of voice used for fashion chains. It’s an interesting concept, but it’s all about how you present what you want to say as a brand (which is why it’s related to image). The article uses J Crew as one of its examples and how it presents itself as knowledgeable, but treats its customers like normal people and not fashion experts. Having this tone of voice means that people know where they fit in with a shop like that; perhaps if you spend your life at fashion shows, it’s not for you, but if you like fashion and want a bit of shopping but aren’t an expert, then the place is for you.

Most forms of marketing require skilled professionals to help you, however when it comes to brand loyalty, only you can know what is best for your business. Yes, an agency can offer advice, but at the end of the day only you know how you want to be seen in the world.

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