The Marketing Planning Workshop

If you don't know how to write a marketing plan or worry that plans don't become reality, read on...

We run marketing workshops using our 8-Step Methodology to analyse the current state of business; from there we collaborate and guide to build a marketing plan which spans an entire year. This is done by workshopping your team through 8 core topics including the target market, current & past marketing activities, profile raising, relationship development and analytics.

These workshops are effective because they focus on practical marketing that works, is proven and easy to learn. Each workshop ends with the client receiving 3 documents: A Year Plan month by month activities, A detailed assessment of your marketing recommended improvements and new a tools, A Top 3 Recommendations for immediate action.

These workshops help our clients…

  • identify target markets and how to reach each audience
  • clearly articulate their company activities
  • review current marketing activities - what works and what doesn't work
  • explore new marketing activities, tools and techniques
  • develop a year plan that they can follow to achieve marketing success
  • discover the latest tools for online marketing success

Our workshops promote success because we arm you with the tools to market yourself. You can take the marketing year plan; detailed recommendations for improvements and the Top 3 Recommendations and you've got everything you need to get started.

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Client Recommendations

Phil Vialoux, Managing Director, System7 Web Development I've just had my first business development session with Rebecca and am very happy with the results.

1. we have a great plan, that includes NOT just the analytical, and NOT just the practical but a sound combination of the two. 2. I feel like I have some immediate, easy(i.e. complex or labour intensive), steps we can take that will deliver some quick results.

Very good – very happy – nice work

Scott Begbie, Managing Director, APC Technology

We engaged Rebecca as an external marketing director to provide us with an outside view of our business and marketing activities. Her passion and considerable experience in this area has been invaluable in formulating the processes and rigour we now have in place.