Write your new business development year plan with Creative Agency Secrets

What's the best way to market my business to get more paying customers?

The answer, is a new business development plan.  That's a month by month chart of activities.  It includes proactive marketing that builds up your business profile which leads to enquiries which become sales.  It's a continuous cycle.

Join us for in a business development workshop to write your own plan.  

This workshop is for business owners and managers who are responsible for finding new clients and growing revenues.  It will show you the practical, tried and tested techniques that the Creative Agency Secrets team uses for its clients.

Eventbrite - Write your new business development year plan with Creative Agency Secrets

You will learn:

  1. How to create a unique company profile.
  2. A check list of marketing activities .
  3. New business pipeline analysis and tracking template.
  4. What you need to do to get better known in your industry.
  5. Learn relationship building for getting and keeping long term clients.
  6. How to spot opportunities for new business sales.
  7. The business process that delivers leads.
  8. What to measure to track progress.

Each attendee will take home a high level plan for their business - planned through the year with month by month activities.

Don't take our word for it...

“I thought it was great, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyed the ideas. I also appreciated all the little things that can be done and those things that don't take money but have a big impact. It was great and I thoroughly would recommend it to all business owners looking to expand business online.” Julie Soboil, co-owner, Hushamok

The business sessions with you were very good - reinforced my thinking but was given expert and very helpful and thoughtful information for me to digest. Although I am very aware of the importance of social media, I also realise that I am behind in using it so need to make time to get up to speed.” Helen Mitchell, Managing Director, Anti-aging World

BONUS:  All attendees signed up to attend by Friday 22nd August get a FREE "biz dev healthcheck" one month after the event to run through how well the plan is going and answer questions.

Eventbrite - Write your new business development year plan with Creative Agency Secrets

Kickstart your business for biz dev success with Creative Agency Secrets

Make your website work smarter for your business

A website can be one of the most valuable tools your business owns. The key is to attract the right visitors, and then convince them to buy from you. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast as Creative Agency Secrets and Zeald present a free, educational workshop that will make your website work smarter for your business.

Eventbrite - Make your website work smarter for your business

You will learn how to attract your target audience, and turn them into customers.

Creative Agency Secrets are experts in business marketing. We know the ins and outs of drawing in customers (the RIGHT customers) to your website. We use our skills to combine content marketing and social media to grow website traffic for businesses all over New Zealand.

Zeald are committed to helping people create a website that doesn’t just look great, but also delivers a significant result for their business. During this workshop, Zeald will demonstrate using case studies; how they helped their client increase the conversion rate of their top selling product by 240%. A smart website makes more people exit through the checkout page, not the back button!

What you'll learn:

  • How to get browsing prospective customers onto your website.
  • How to assist the RIGHT customers to find your website.
  • How to keep those visitors on your website for longer.
  • How to get a visitor to reveal their email address.
  • How to encourage them to become PAYING customers.

Event timings:

7:45am - Doors open, breakfast served.
8:00am - Presentation begins: introductions.
8:10am - How to drive customers to your website with Creative Agency Secrets.
8:30am - How to turn website visitors into paying customers with Zeald.
8:50am - Questions.
9:15am - Event ends with friendly business networking.

Register now for your free ticket to the event, seats are limited.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Creative Agency Secrets.

Eventbrite - Make your website work smarter for your business

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Get more marketing knowledge by attending our events

Rebecca Caroe of Creative Agency Secrets presenting at a marketing breakfast.

It's tough to stay at the leading edge of modern marketing. Each month there are new techniques, websites and services which could be useful for you. Cut through to the key elements of modern marketing with Creative Agency Secrets' events.

Topics range from ways to use autoresponders to how to increase website leads. You'll always learn something you can use straight away in your business.

Join us for our next event below by reserving a ticket. You can also view video recordings of past events now on YouTube.

Past Events

- June 19th 2014 Native Advertising Un-Conference "Church Versus State" - digital marketing event hosted by Vaughn Davis of tgf.co.nz, presented by Rebecca Caroe
- May 13th 2014 How to convert website leads into sales - breakfast event presented by our speaker Rebecca Caroe
- April 8th 2014 Perfect Presentations: How To Use Your Presence to Get What You Want - breakfast event with guest speaker Malcolm Nicholls from Core Consulting presented by Rebecca Caroe
- February 20th 2014 Who's Visiting Your Website? (and how to find out) - breakfast event with guest speaker Clif Shaw from Recalibrate Consulting presented by Rebecca Caroe

- November 26th 2013 Switch Thinking: Our Christmas gift for you - breakfast event with guest speakers Andrew Dunning and Bruce Ross presented by Rebecca Caroe
- October 31st 2013 Advanced Web Search: get the results you need - breakfast event with guest speaker Geoff McDowell
- August 13th 2013 Accountants Marketing Challenge Research - breakfast event presented by Rebecca Caroe
- June 13th 2013 Marketing Digital Innovation - what's new? - breakfast event presented by Rebecca Caroe
- April 11th 2013 Agency Biz Dev tools have changed - what works nowadays? - breakfast event presented by Rebecca Caroe
- February 7th 2013 Should Brands use Facebook? A breakfast debate - breakfast event presented by Rebecca Caroe

- October 31st 2012 Should Brands be Broadcasters? A breakfast debate - breakfast event presented by Rebecca Caroe with guest speaker Greg Kramer


"When asked how effective you were as a speaker the majority of people said that you were an ‘extremely effective speaker’ and there were also a few who thought you were a ‘very effective speaker’ which is a great result! Similarly, when asked to rate how worthwhile the workshop had been most people rated it as being ‘extremely worthwhile’ with a few rating it as ‘very worthwhile’. The participants found the workshop clear, concise and relevant, packed with great low cost ideas for optimizing their internet marketing. It seems most people have come away with new value adding tools that can be implemented in their businesses. They also thought you were great at delivering the workshop and kept the it relevant and to the point. "
-Jordan Hills, The Icehouse Business Incubator

"Webinars: These are a great way to learn information for someone who cannot attend a face to face course or who wants to attend from a remote area, or hasn’t time to go."
"I would do one again..."
-Andrea Blackley, OESA

“I had thought autoresponders were hardly used nowadays but after going to the event I realised how even now, an autoresponder is a powerful tool. We have a mobile app and I plan to use it to give out tips to users along the way.”
-Michael Woffindin

"Rebecca spoke at the Online Marketing meetup on the integration of online and offline media. I loved the case study she presented, which was perfect to showcase how offline and online media was integrated to reach an audience, no matter how niche it was. Her presentation was clear, thorough and gave me new insights on more marketing ideas I can use in the future. Thank you Rebecca!"
-Nicole Tan

"I attended Rebecca's Accountant Marketing Challenge seminar and it was thoroughly worthwhile. She hits the mark on topical issues, and has helped me to reach our customers with new ideas. Rebecca has great presentation skills, and is clear and concise, I left with a mind buzzing full of ideas."
-Anita Hayhoe