There‘s a recession going on, we’re all in it!

What does this mean for marketers, for marketing budgets, for marketing jobs?

If you weren’t at your current seniority in 2010 (the last global recession), you need to learn fast. You are now the decision maker. You have not worked a recession before.

But I have.

No recession is the same. And deep experience allows me to suggest tactics which you may not know about.

Ready? Let’s get started.

6 instant tips for recession marketing actions

  • ROI Matters

  • Cut Programs And Budgets Ruthlessly

  • Save Money Where Possible

  • Double Your Digital Spend

  • Review Your Product / Service Pricing

  • Own Your Database – Grow It As Fast As Possible

Work With Rebecca Caroe seated portrait


I saw my first recession two months into my first job. Being ‘let go’ three times in 1 year made me resilient, canny and alert to the possibilities and opportunities in a recession.

Recession marketing video playlist

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