We met a printer who set us a challenge – what sorts of ideas could he use to build up his print and graphic design business. Ensure your website is linked to Google Plus, also register for Google Local. Add social profiles for the business to the website as well as social sharing buttons for the visitor to use. […]

We had a go at using Twitter’s “Promoted Tweets” service to advertise our upcoming marketing event on Facebook Ads Vs. Google Adwords, and found some pretty interesting results. How It Works Promoted Tweets on Twitter appear at the top of timelines for users matching a profile description you define… What We Did With a $50 […]

Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are both well known marketing tools. But which one is more effective? Which is best for your business and which will find you new customers? This December 4th, we’re running a debate alongside Jef (Easy Social Media) and Rebecca (Creative Agency Secrets) on… Join Us | 4th December, 7:45am – 9:15am Debate: […]

We got a question from a reader “What’s the best strategy to out-rank old Google Business Place/maps listings? There are a number of professional services firms who were sold, merged and closed and so on, but who still list high on Google business places listings.  It becomes hard to displace those listings unless using Google […]

Looking for some advice on jump-starting marketing for your accounting firm? Here are some free-to-view webinars from our YouTube channel that might sort you out! Free-To-View Webinars On Marketing For Accountants We ran a 3 part webinar series alongside CCH iFirm that explored “Digital Strategy & Your Website“, “A Beginner’s Introduction To Social Media“, and “How To Utilise Social […]

Email is a vital tool to growing your business. It’s non-invasive, interactive, and most of all – integral to business communications, so often get noticed. One way to use email is through cold emailing, which is emailing to people you don’t know. It can come across as underhanded, but when done correctly it’s a marketing practice that shouldn’t be […]

How to promote a govt grant that reimburses businesses up to $5000 for money spent on a website? Quick summary answer: You must promote this using direct mail to businesses who are in the right geographic region to take advantage of the grant. Buy or rent lists from: Chamber of commerce, local business association, local […]

Christmas campaigns may seem like a gimmick, but they work. That’s because it’s a time of year where people are looking to buy and as a result, customers are far more communicative. Look reactionary by planning early Planning early has many benefits. For example, you don’t want to get a campaign stopped behind bureaucratic doors and miss your chance […]

Cold emailing, writing to those you don’t know, is seen as a dirty little tactic. But waiting for a personal introduction to every single business lead; you could be running the slowest growing business in New Zealand! Emails are, in fact, a vital tool to growing your connections and generating leads for your business. But […]