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Want more customers?  How our marketing process works

Marketing that works is about systems that bring buyers to your door. 

And that starts with gathering the right mix of online and offline marketing tools for your business.

You can draw on our expertise in three ways:

  • Setting a strategic plan for the year so you know where to focus your time and resources
  • Training and coaching your team equipping them to execute your  marketing plan
  • Doing the work for you using our team of experts we’ll implement highly effective marketing activity.

Whatever help you need to make your marketing more successful, get more customers and grow your business, call us now.

Rescue service: need help turning things around fast?

If your business is in difficulty, you need our rescue marketing service is designed to help you overcome a frustrating problem fast.

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We have used PopupDomination as it signs people up to a newsletter…. so if you need a conversion tool, I’d suggest integrating it with and signing them up to an Autoresponder email series which helps them gauge if your product suits their needs

For more on Autoresponders and how to write them and integrate them into your marketing read our e book and training video.

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Creative Agency Secrets are expert users of social media for marketing and lead generation.  In this article we will show you, how to link Facebook to your Twitter account.  This is useful because different social media sites get traction and followers at different rates.

Is your Facebook and Twitter following the same?

Our client had an imbalance in their Twitter and Facebook fanbase.  But they were sure that the same prospective customers were using both platforms.  We decided to help them encourage fans on Facebook to also discover them on Twitter.

The actual linking of the two accounts is pretty easy to do, but it can be difficult to find in the settings.

Follow this how-to guide and start automatically cross posting.

Auto-posting Facebook status updates to Twitter will save you time while sending relevant, already selected content to your new audience – all of it linking back to the relevant Facebook post.

Linking a Facebook page to Twitter

  1. The first step is to go to Facebook’s linking page and log in to your Facebook account (or if you are already logged in, it takes you straight to the linking page).

  2. After you’ve done this, the Facebook and Twitter icons will appear.

  3. You will then need to click on the “Link Profile to Twitter” button.

  4. After you’ve done this, a window with the question “Authorize Facebook to use this account?”  will appear.

  5. Click on the authorize button, this will allow Facebook to post to your twitter account.

  6. A confirmation window will appear.

  1. Now when your Facebook page are linked to your Twitter is complete, you’ll have to decide what you want to share from your Facebook page. There will be checked boxes besides the following: status, photos, notes, videos, links and events. Unclick the features you don’t want to be linked to your Twitter account. Make your choice or choices and then click save. If you’re fine with the default settings then just click save.

Now you’re done. Good Work

  1. If you want to undo the link between your Facebook and your Twitter account, go to the Facebook’s linking page (same as before). On the linking page under your Facebook account there’s a text that says “unlink from Twitter”, click it and the link will be undone.

And please let us know if this works for you.

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