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Direct Marketing Best Practice Guidelines

Published by the Marketing Association (New Zealand). Download the full Direct Marketing Best Practice Guidelines. Good advice here for: Legal collection of personal information (13 Principles) Storage and security of data Access and disclosure Maintenance of data Removal / suppression of names from databases Data selection tips (list brokers) Data warranty register Related posts:

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Website copy testing for SEO

I hired a copywriter to do the website home page – but how will I know if what they wrote WORKS? Great question – I got this from a customer who did not hire me… but had the savvy to ask the right question. It looks nice but is the website home page copy doing […]

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B2B email spam laws

A refresher for on the rules around sending email (and SMS) to prospects. New Zealand privacy and email marketing With regard to the NZ Privacy Act 2017 and updated 2020. Top level obligations Be transparent. Don’t hide anything. Make sure you have consent. Always give people the opportunity to opt-out or unsubscribe. Deemed consent is what […]

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Marketing and Midlife

I am a woman on a mission. To raise the visibility of midlife women in the media. Why? We are a sizeable population, we make around 50% of buying decisions and we are IGNORED by mainstream media. This has to stop Midlife is the age from 45 to 70 where women are in their prime. […]

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Marketing personas lack one big thing

Working with a client who needs to develop customer personas, I did some research and found a load of good articles on how to write a customer persona [links all at the bottom of this page]. So far so good. but on closer reading it’s clear they are all copying each other. Content Marketing needs […]

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Real Estate and Instagram

Do real estate agents get good marketing returns (listings and sales) from Instagram? Great question – and one worth answering before you decide to go all in on social media marketing. You first have to find out is your target audience on Instagram? Do they think about real estate while using the platform? Will they […]

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2021 Marketing Trends

Yes I hate that headline too… but I can’t work out the best way of listing three helpful things which I’m working on without it becoming a silly list headline. Live with it. The year data became grown up If you aren’t working with competent amounts of data insights and analytics yet, this is your […]

Best ways to help your customers remember you

As a business, you want to make sure you are in your customer’s thoughts when they need to contact you. You want it to be easy for them to remember you, and know about how to get in touch quickly.  Check out these memorable customer marketing tips that can help you do just that. Pick […]

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Best Practices when Hiring Remote Staff

The emergence of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak not only created a public health issue of epic proportions, but also revamped the way we perform critical business tasks on a regular basis. As a result, in-person meetings are now replaced by Zoom calls, while conferences are substituted by virtual events. Long commutes are now exchanged for […]