Why should you work with Rebecca?  See what others have said.

So much good Information and lots of things to put in play (checklist) for marketing plans.

Catherine O’Connell, Catherine O’Connell Law Tokyo

After conducting a reasonably extensive ‘online’ search for a good ‘online consultant’ we discovered Rebecca. She gave us a fantastic overview of opportunities and functional delivery tactics and initiatives for a new product launch including a rollout plan and follow-up programme.

John Maurice, Booker Spalding Uniforms, CEO

Rebecca spoke to Penrose Business Association members at our annual summer barbecue held at Speedy Signs in Penrose. She showed some practical examples of both good and bad signage, and the impact it can have on your business brand. The presentation was short, on point, and of value to the PBA members in attendance.

Ann Cooper-Smith, PBA Chair

I thought Rebecca spoke very well and off the cuff with ease…

Right tone to the audience, a little bit sophisticated which was right.

Frank Olsson, President New Zealand Europe Business Council

This morning went really well.  Rebecca is a great speaker and everyone enjoyed her presentation.  She pitched it at the right level for the audience and everyone I spoke to later in the day said they got lots of value from it.

Tammy Jackman, NZ Events Association

Rebecca and her team have given us great assistance in building our online profile so that an increasing proportion of our clients from all around the world find us over the web. Thanks to their clever use of tools our social media profile helps us stand out in our field.

Terry Baucher, Baucher Consulting

Thank you Rebecca for making yourself available to present to our business students at Te Wananga o Aotearoa. The presentation gave our students a tremendous insight into the various aspects of social media and online marketing. What it really highlighted to us is how much more there is still to learn but also how powerful online marketing is in promoting ones business when it is used right. Your knowledge is invaluable for business owners to learn & achieve growth within their businesses, thank you 

Leisa Nathan, Te Wananga O Aotearoa

Creative Agency Secrets pointed out some things we had suspected and raised some things we never would have seen. It’s nice to have a renewed focus on presenting the information well, and not just pumping it out.

Paul Atkinson, MI6-HQ

We contracted Tabhitha Tang from Creative Agency Secrets for a couple of sessions to come into our business for some Social Media guidance and training. She shared her knowledge on Facebook campaigns, costs and the best way time to advertise and was able to provide general tips to keep the team on track. We found this to be useful.

Therese McNaughten, Cable Ferret

Rebecca provided Katabolt with a valuable specialised set of marketing recommendations with a specific focus on services which was a great match with what we needed. Her B2B expertise and international experience and perspective helped our team refocus marketing plans and bring new skills into the fold. Thanks

Campbell Naish, Partner, Katabolt Export Consultant

Creative Agency Secrets (CAS) has been a consistent, practical buoy in turbulent seas. CAS is beyond the seduction of all the “glittery trinkets” that sparkle seductively on the online marketing smorgasbord. CAS doesn’t stand your nonsense but will promote you fearlessly if you are on track and making, even baby steps. CAS doesn’t judge where you are at, rather makes your customised path clear offering professional help every step of the way.

Sarah Mitchell, Milford Asset Management

Rebecca came to share some of her experience in areas of marketing with my team. We were impressed with her ability to provide specific insights that produced extremely actionable recommendations. Her high energy approach means we covered a lot of ground quickly, but the focus on our specific activities as opposed to high level theory meant we gained a lot from her time. Thank you very much!

Andrew Clark Commercial Sales & Leasing, Barfoot & Thompson

Thank you so much for your time this morning.
Very insightful and very helpful.  [We discussed CRM and tactics for growing a database of contacts and automating the follow up process.]

Deborah Crowe, Fraser Crowe

We have not yet completed all of the work with Rebecca Caroe and Creative Agency Secrets. I am aware that we have some time before that completion is required. However I have already noticed the potential value of this work in planning and developing stronger marketing strategies overall. The instructor is skilled, enthusiastic, thinks quickly and delivers pertinent content. Verbal delivery much stronger than follow up reporting/provision of paperwork. Once queried this issue, it was addressed.

Wendy Ward, Presilience Entrepreneur, South Africa

“My educational journey about Websites continued through the patient and helpful guidance of Conrado Langer, Marketing Executive for Creative Agency Secrets. I am very appreciative that Conrado took over the Request for Proposal process and its management, resulting in shortlisting of top notch Website developers / providers for my business. It has saved me many hours of scouting about on ‘who is a great’ out there in the NZ market. Conrado is just fantastic: consistently helpful constructive and responsive. Thank you very much Conrado, and Creative Agency Secrets.”

Toni Snelgrove, credentialed Executive Coach

Testimonial for website redesign project management:
“It was timely, came in on budget, expert advice was well received. Perfect solution for our business.”

Paul Cropp, CleanCo

“We found this project helpful for our business, in particular, explaining online marketing terms in a language that we could understand as a business owner and giving us the practical recommendations to make changes to our marketing. We liked that they could do all or some of implementation.”

Lisa Dudson, iFindProperty

Excellent call filled with actionable tactics – exactly what I was looking for.

Konstantinos Papakonstantinou, Board Studios after problem-solving a marketing situation.

“Just to let you know that our pricing & service update to our Real Estate sector has just produced a booking for a meth test. Within 45 minutes of sending out!! Yeah ha!”

Nicky Stratford, MethSolutions

I enjoyed my call with Rebecca. She had some intriguing ideas that I hadn’t thought of before. I love out of the box thinking!

Eric Hinson, Explainify LLC after tactical marketing brainstorm session

One of the most helpful calls yet on Clarity. Rebecca provided tremendous value in a short amount of time. She is very thoughtful – you could say that the call had a high “signal to noise” ratio. Thank you so much Rebecca!

Alan Park, CoSpot after brainstorm session on new startup idea.

We worked with Creative Agency Secrets to streamline our website and the customer experience.  We have two major client types – buyers and sellers.  The team helped us to filter website visitors so we could present different messages to each audience and drive engagement with the right team member from Apartment Specialists.

Andrew Murray, Apartment Specialists after a website assessment, CRM implementation and re-write of marketing communications (ebooks) to capture email addresses from website visitors and drive traffic to key landing pages

“I would highly recommend Rebecca’s workshops. The information she shared was both relevant and easy to implement. She is highly knowledgeable and gave all attendees great advice. We have all walked away with effective strategies to improve our websites.”  

Megan Rees, Grey Lynn Business Association

“Both Jon and I were “blown away” that you got what we need to do in the here and now and come out of our meetings so motivated as your contribution makes such practical sense for us in what has been an ever increasing fog of other brilliant ideas. Thank you so much!”

Sue Skeet, Noticematch, after being mentored through Lightning Lab

“Thanks so much for coming to speak to us and giving us practical, attainable marketing tips to action – feedback was that several members were intending to immediately put your advice to work.”  

Robynne Pringle, Manager, Te Atatu Business Association

We can’t recommend Rebecca enough! She helped us through the process of designing our new website and we are really pleased with the end result. She helped us to stay focused and used her expert knowledge to ensure our site was relevant, connected and simple to use. We are really happy with the content she provided, her constant support throughout the project helped us complete the website for a new year launch during a time of high pressure from other project workloads.

Jeff Parkinson, Crossfire Fire Engineers, after a website redesign, new copywriting and newsletter set-up.

“I recently had the pleasure of being invited to present at one of Creative Agency Secrets’ combined business breakfast educational events on about how to use video for effective marketing. Creative Agency Secrets did a great job of liaising with VideoLife (now called Creation Films), leveraging on its networks, hosting an effective event and following up afterwards. As a result I would like to heartily recommend Rebecca and her enthusiastic team!”

Arthur Warner Executive Director of CRC Media

“I was just finishing my first draft of my e-book this morning and I was feeling very inspired about where this business can go and the difference it can make to a lot of people. I also was feeling grateful to have you guys on board and to be working with you both! I reckon with some perseverance and development that we can turn this into something really good and help practitioners all over the world.”

Malcolm Nicholls, BizSparkUp, after a Business and Marketing Planning Session

“Creative Agency Secrets helped us to develop and implement a marketing plan that was carefully targetted, affordable and effective. They listened, challenged us when appropriate and always delivered on schedule.”

Robyn Wynne-Lewis, Core Consulting

“What I loved most about working with Creative Agency Secrets was their absolute assurance that, if certain steps were taken consistently, results would follow.  And they did!  I saw the traction happening week by week.  They could see the Big Picture but only ever gave me bite-sized pieces to chew. That was good with me!  I met weekly with my marketing mentor.  This created momentum.  I came away from each Skype meeting feeling energised and positive and super clear on what my action steps were.  Not once did I feel judged or patronised by my mentor who had extraordinary patience in the face of generational differences, my technological ignorance and resistance.  But, with that, I was challenged and held accountable – an excellent and winning combination. Both Rebecca and her assistants were highly professional and super supportive.  It was a real pleasure working with them.  Even though I had to be up at dawn for our meetings (Cape Town, NZ time differences of an entire different day!) our meetings became highlights in my week.”

Wendy Ward workshop attendee, Meta-Morphic Coaching

“Great team over at Creative Agency Secrets. They’ll be sure to do a great job for any project!”

Steven Male BigBangly founder

“Great little team of creative and friendly marketers!”

Gilaad Amir BizDojo Community Coordinator

“Friendly bunch of people and good service too :)”

Pascal Languillon Chief Marketing Officer TransferCar

“I am getting a lot out of this

Dianne Jewell, Rapid Entry Business Services

That was the best, under the hood, webinar I have attended on what brings traffic to your website.

Nice clear messages and logical flow to content.  An eye opener when I did the search test.  Thanks for the interesting insight into web page considerations.”

CCH iFirm webinar attendees, How to Do Marketing for Accountants

“Rebecca has a great knowledge of online marketing and using her for our outsourced marketing consultant has resulted in valuable changes in our online presence and our ability to gain new clients.”

Karen Tobeck, Partner, Monteck Carter Chartered Accountants

“I came to Rebecca for one thing: HELP me find the perfect person/ designer to launch my new branding image. Simple process, good communication and a shortlist of 4 choices I am really happy with the result and the people she found for us!  This will enable me to launch with a BANG rather than a miaow… LOVE your work Rebecca. Will come back for more!” 

Rudy Kokx, Link Business Brokers

“I like working with Rebecca and the team because she’s the first marketing professional I’ve encountered who articulates marketing in terms of a repeatable, methodical process. With her assistance we’re building a marketing machine to produce a steady flow of leads.”

Martin Danner, CEO Aerorock

I was encouraged by Rebecca and her team’s ability to understand, execute and improve online database campaigns. We have a number of new and existing customer executions to deliver. With her guidance and support they allowed us to maintain our programme consistently. With most things online frequency and diligence is required so outsourcing this to CAS allowed us to keep plugging away and increase our sales and lead conversions. CAS keep us on task and make our campaigns happen and perform.”

“I just wanted to say thanks for to the IDesign Media team, Beanie Visual Communication and Creative Agency Secrets for all the great work you have done toward our new website.

Not only have we already had great feedback from customers about the video, product layouts, design and style, but also the excellent CMS in the backend and how much easier it is to load products and edit them.

Well done and we appreciate your contribution to how we reflect our brand in the marketplace.

Onwards as we grow to new levels. “

Mike Wynands, Managing Director, Armour Safety

“Theo has done so well with the blog posts and the newsletter he does his own research and really goes into detail.”

Douglas Lumsden, CEO, Space Saver Rowing Systems

“The direction and information they provided me on setting up and running my blog was invaluable. There are so many tiny details to focus on and Rebecca helped me pick out the right parts to target.”

James Bardebes, Founder Book My Car NZ

“Creative Agency Secrets has provided a non-stop source of inspiration and information in the ongoing search for the best, up to the moment ideas, tips and tricks in today’s digital agency world. I can’t recommend them highly enough and believe that they’re an excellent marketing consulting team for startups with insight and innovation on tap.”

Mackenze McAleer, VP Creative Asylum

“Creative Agency Secrets gave us some great advice that made getting our first customers easy. This was to find customers who’s current marketing strategy was a fit with our product  – rather than try to convince them to change the way they do things.  We did this, and were blown away at how positive the response was.”

Michael Woffindin, Founder ShareTheMoment.me

“My meeting with Rebecca was great, I had a light bulb moment when she talked about needing a promotional vehicle for DirtyMan and 24 hours later we owned a very old Land Rover which is now branded up and is busy spreading brand awareness at events throughout the North Island.”

Tracey Orange, CMO Dirty Man:

“Great session yesterday! I feel like:

1. We have a great plan, that includes NOT just the theoretical, and NOT just the ‘marketing action plan’ but a sound combination of the two.  2. I feel like I have some immediate, easy (i.e. not 6 month and labour intensive), steps I can take that will push our social media marketing massively.  3. As well as the above, a simple but powerful blogging strategy.

Very good – very happy – nice work – thank you.”

Phil Vialoux, Managing Director, System 7, web developers

“Rebecca prepared and facilitated a fantastic, interactive workshop for a group of our early stage startup companies. She had outstanding knowledge of the online marketing space and presented with confidence and enthusiasm, inspiring the audience and conveying the strategies and key points in an easy to understand manner. I would highly recommend Rebecca if you are looking to take the marketing of your company to the next level.”

Bruce Ross, Leadership Coach & Director at Ignite Business Leadership Ltd

“I recently worked with Rebecca and Creative Secrets to put on a public workshop; Rebecca and her team did the event management (took charge of database management, all the email marketing and co-ordination of suppliers). The event was a complete success all round: from my side all the logistics were totally taken care of; the feedback from the 70 attendees was that it was a thoroughly professional event.  Very happy to recommend Rebecca and her team. We’ll definitely be using them again.”

Jordan Hills, The Icehouse Business Incubator

“Rebecca has worked on a number of initiatives for FeedBlitz over the years. She’s also a client, and if you value your sanity, do NOT ask her about rowing / crew. 

Back in the day she went to Cambridge, but don’t let that fact deter you in any way. Despite her horrific lack of judgment in tertiary educational institutions (she’s British and Oxford is clearly the better choice), she’s terrific to work with and a lot of fun. She also has a great sense of humor and can tolerate my teasing!”

Phil Hollows, CEO FeedBlitz.com

“Rebecca asks just the right questions to quickly frame a business problem. She then combines her strong commercial acumen and expertise in marketing and new media to develop fresh, creative solutions. Prepare to be challenged and think laterally.”

Andrew Woodward, Marketing Director, John Lewis Partnership

“Rebecca gives clarity to the strategy of launching a company into new markets; she helped us articulate the market positioning and was expert in setting out the tools we needed to use B2B websites to full advantage.  “Don Peppers always said Rebecca was great at opening up new markets and she’s always kept an awesome book of personal contacts.”

Avi Nowitz, Founding Partner, New Age Media

“Rebecca is someone who doesn’t give you a lot of marketing jargon, but comes straight to the point with a good analysis of your situation. As a result of her recommendations, we are growing our prospect base and have identified a number of positive leads in quite a short time.” 

Bob Browning, Owner, Textor

“Rebecca is a master of social networking. Her creativity and expertise helped me market my most recent book. Thanks to Rebecca, I was able to make valuable connections in markets all over the world. She really knows what she’s doing!”

Mike Barlow, Author

“Rebecca is a true social media guru.  She has supported and guided me through areas of social media that were foreign a year ago and I follow her blog and tweets religiously. She adds tremendous value to agencies who need training and mentoring in the development of successful business planning, particularly during tough times. Read her creativeagencysecrets.com, you will become hooked!”

Catherine Hall, Managing Director, The Hand

“It’s typical of Rebecca that the first time we met, not only did we have an interesting conversation but she gave me a valuable piece of advice for one of my projects and suggested that we put on a speaker event together.”

Mark McGuinness, Owner, Wishful Thinking

“Rebecca Caroe is not only a natural leader she is a champion! In business and in rowing, Rebecca is a winner, who inspires her clients, her partners and friends to be the best. Her effervescent personality and hearty laugh make her a joy to work with. When it comes to B2B Marketing and Sales, she is at the top of her game.”

Denise Blondo, CRM Strategic Training Manager, Peppers and Rogers Group

“Rebecca is a dedicated and insightful professional.”

Dan Dimmock, Director Strategic Development, Pollen London

“There isn’t any room for nepotism in my line of business, but having tried working with several business strategy consultants, my Partner Sam and I keep returning to Rebecca, my sister. Put simply, Rebecca gives great business advice. From finances to personnel, new business strategies to client development she’s consistent with her approach, generous with her praise and can step back and see the overall picture when we are too engrossed in the detail. It’s thanks to Rebecca’s advice that BCP has grown year on year, returns are good and business is fun.”

Emily Caroe, Partner, BCP Public Relations

“The business sessions with you were very good – reinforced my thinking but was given expert and very helpful and thoughtful information for me to digest. Although I am very aware of the importance of social media, I also realise that I am behind in using it so need to make time to get up to speed.”

Helen Mitchell, CEO, Anti-aging World

“I thought it was great, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyed the ideas. I also appreciated all the little things that can be done and those things that don’t take money but have a big impact. It was great and I thoroughly would recommend it to all business owners looking to expand business online.”

Julie Soboil, Co-owner, Hushamok