Business to business marketing and demand generation using Customer Relationship Management, Copywriting, Direct Response and Search Engine Optimisation. 

Successful, not different

Rebecca is a freelance B2B demand generation specialist working with engineering, manufacturing and technology clients. 
She is known for her practical approach to making B2B marketing work effectively in diverse client situations. She upskills in-house marketers by advocating for them with the C-suite and collaborating to deliver measurable outcomes which help to get them noticed for promotion.
Three times in her career, she’s been at the forefront of leading edge marketing innovation. Professional Services marketing in the 1990s, the rise of customer relationship management in the 2000s and social media since 2005. Rebecca is an entrepreneur whose side-hustle is a sport education business for rowing. She happily uses this as the experimental sand-box for new marketing techniques. Rebecca also mentors marketers seeking career advancement through the OneUp OneDown programme. 


Rebecca Caroe, portrait 2019
Rebecca Caroe
+64 (0) 22 647 3993