Specialist business to business marketing and lead generation using Customer Relationship Management, Direct Response and Search Engine Optimisation. 

Business growth using effective marketing and guaranteed ROI.

How we are different

You need new clients for your products and services.  We’re all about increasing sales, website traffic and growing audience.  

6 ways to evaluate and compare working with Rebecca to others.

  1. Focus on practical solutions that work
  2. Education keeps us ahead of other agencies and freelancers
  3. Low-cost solutions are offered
  4. Measurement and analytics prove what we do is effective
  5. Happy to teach you how to do the marketing yourself 
  6. Transparency is a guiding principle for our business

Our clients value our reliability and the practical marketing solutions we give their brands.

Our Values

Practical marketing advice based on research and careful implementation testing. 

We are careful how we advise you to spend your marketing budget.

Our Purpose

Ignorance leads to poor business and marketing decisions.  This prevents progress towards your and our goals.  We implement your plans so you can learn effective marketing, fast.

Our Mission

By public speaking, writing ebooks and blog articles and teaching seminars and classes we show and you learn effective marketing tactics.

Our Vision

Creative Agency Secrets´ clients are engaged, profitable and keen to work with us.  Business owners can make informed choices about practical marketing that WORKS.


Rebecca Caroe, portrait 2019
Rebecca Caroe

Rebecca Caroe

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