Creative Agency Secrets are experts in digital marketing execution.  We help you find new paying clients for your products and services.  We’re all about increasing sales, driving traffic and increasing return on investment.

We do this in 3 ways

  1. Setting up the tactical marketing plan, processes and tools that will showcase your business to potential customers and make it easy for them to buy.
  2. Executing the marketing for your business; or
  3. Training and coaching you to do the marketing execution

Marketing Consultancy

We help you understand how practical marketing can work for your business. Knowing the most effective digital marketing tools for different types of business, we can advise you the best way to set up your website, marketing processes and the software services you need.

When you buy a tactical marketing plan – based on our 8 Step New Business Development Methodology – you get a marketing plan and an execution year plan for your business.

The workshop will also educate your team in a range of digital marketing techniques that will help you meet your business plan goals for the year.

Marketing Execution Services

We help you continue promoting your business cost-effectively both when you are busy and when times are quieter.  Our team sets up and runs the marketing to ensure that your brand continues to be read, listened, watched and recognised by your prospective clients.

Each business is different. Our experienced team plans and executes the marketing promotions that suit your budget and your needs.

We help you understand how marketing is contributing to your bottom line profits by measuring costs, website visitors, responses to email marketing and promotions.  If your marketing isn’t working we help find the underlying issues and recommend solutions and actions to take as a result.

After working with us, clients get more website visitors, more incoming enquiries for new business and more sales.  We’re full of great ideas – ask us about an idea brainstorming session!

Collaborator or sub-contractor

We support your marketing activities in the most suitable way that matches your budget and your interest.  Some clients outsource all marketing services to us; others have a staff member doing some of the work alongside. We fit into the way that works best for you.

In each of these areas, we combine our deep understanding of online and offline marketing communications with strategic, creative and technology skills to give you a customised marketing service.

With an experienced New Zealand team and a network of partners and contractors, we work with clients worldwide on large and small projects.


If you need effective marketing execution that delivers new sales, get in touch.