Creative Agency Secrets are marketing execution specialists.
We focus on practical marketing tactics that work and bring sales and new enquiries and leads into your business.
Creative Agency Secrets works in two ways with its clients
  1. We teach you how to do the marketing yourself
  2. We do it with or for you

Execution Marketing

Marketing is a skillset, a group of activities and processes that together bring new paying customers to your business. We know it. Inside out.

We help business owners solve the problem of chasing new customers.

All our services are focused on winning new business for you. Whether we teach you how to do it yourself, devise and run marketing campaigns or re-vamp a website for you – all these activities are designed to help you find and convince more clients to buy your products and services.

Start with our Workshop

Marketing Year Planning Workshop

If you want a small investment with a big output this is the service for you.  In one half day we will teach you our 8-Step New Business Development Methodology; together we’ll work out what you need to do in each of the steps to kickstart your sales and marketing towards winning new business.

Content Marketing

Building your business into a credible online profile showing off your expertise is one of the services we offer.  We use articles, blogs, commentary, videos and social media snippets to do this.  Some clients like to do it themselves, others we share the workload.  The key to both is careful planning through the year so that campaigns are co-ordinated and the right clients are offered the right services at the right time.  Take a look at our own blog and newsletter to get an idea of what we could do with you.

RSS to email

It’s simple. You create content for your website (*right…?). Weekly, monthly or daily, you can set it up so the content bundles into an insta-newsletter and is mailed straight to your subscribers’ inboxes.

Our rule for marketing is: Do something once and use it three times.  Turn the content you’re already creating into an email newsletter.

Why RSS to Email is a good tool to kick off your online marketing
Because it develops a committed readership and is designed to get more mileage out of your content (aka less work; higher reward).

[*You do create content for your website, right? If not, get us to help you with it. We’re content specialists. Websites can not stand still.  Keep it moving, keep it growing reach and engagement, and watch your business grow too.]

Local Marketing

How to ensure your business is known locally, can get found online and is being seen by the right type of prospects.  Includes local directory listings, Google My Business and search engine optimisation.

Get Your Website Working Harder

Many businesses feel their website doesn’t deliver as a marketing tool.  We help business owners by recommending short term fixes to improve their websites and ways to encourage more visitors using outbound and inbound marketing.  Start with a telephone consultation.


An autoresponder is a single email or a series of emails that you set up in advance, to be sent to a prospective customer when they activate a pre-defined trigger. They are often about a single subject, and have a single goal.

Why Autoresponders are a good tool to kick off your online marketing.  
Simple. How many emails do you write daily? How many blog posts? You only have to write an autoresponder once. It will then go to as many new recipients as activate the trigger. Forever. It will always go out in the same time format that you set up at the start. It’s easy. You don’t have to think about it. And all the while it keeps up a relationship with your readers. Voila.

But don’t just take our word for it –  See how it all works by signing up to our Services autoresponder, you’ll see the benefits immediately.


What they are: Electronic books, aka, not in print, not on paper.  Sometimes they are called “white papers” for business to business marketing.  You’ve probably been offered them or downloaded pdfs to read.

Why they’re great:  No publishing fees, no environmental waste. Cheap to create.  Cheap to sell. Delivered at the touch of a button.

They engage readers and exemplify your expertise in your field.  They create great content for your website, not to mention an extra product.  You can sell them or give them away, there are benefits for both.

Why eBooks are a good tool to kick off your online marketing

Because you are an expert in your field. You already have the content to create an ebook. They further your relationship with potential customers to your website, because they get something apparently free from you. They get to pick your brain and use your knowledge, without you having to do anything twice.  You also get something from the prospective customer – her reading attention, her email address and the opportunity to sell your skills and services.

Newsletter Expert

Read more about how we can set up your business to use FeedBlitz automated newsletters. We recommend and use the full feature set offered by Feedblitz’s RSS to email automated marketing communications for our clients.  Many agree with us that it’s a great service for small business marketers.

Social Media Engagement

Should your business be on social media?  It depends on whether your prospects are there.  But being on social is not enough – you must be having discussions with your audience on social media – we call this engagement.  We are experts at creating and growing engagement – this is the one thing that will help your brand rise above others on crowded social platforms.

Native Advertising

Newspapers and media owners are now more open to accepting paid-for articles for publication. This is an alternative to display advertising and is gaining traction as a way of gaining readership for your content and finding new audiences.  It’s not the same as advertorial and it’s not the same as display.  We’ve been following this trend since it started – read our blog posts and conference slides on Native Advertising.