From Throw Pillows to Purses: Dump Bins Are a Great Way to Display Sale Items Effectively

Clearance items and bulky products take up a great deal of space in the retail store environment. Stacked on shelves purses and pillows are clumsy and difficult for customers to sort through effectively. Candy boxes stacked neatly on the shelf is boring, but thrown in a bin adds excitement as the customer digs for their favourite one. Curiosity encourages the shopper to keep searching.

Dumpbins are a great solution for displaying sales items, grabbing the customer’s attention, and using space more effectively.

Digging for Buried Treasure

Gamification is an important aspect of marketing. It increases engagement through positive interaction. Using dumpbins creates the illusion of digging for buried treasure. Signs can suggest that there are varying values of products as well as the perfect product hidden away just for the one customer. Children and adults alike enjoy searching for buried treasure. When they find it, they form a sense of attachment to the product because of the effort they put into it. Digging for buried treasures in dumpbins adds value to the product that they may have passed by on the shelf.

Encourages Impulse Buys

Bins help create points of interaction throughout the store. They can be strategically placed throughout the store engaging customers and encouraging impulse purchases that maximize cross-selling opportunities. Impulse purchases are an unconscious emotionally driven reaction that increases the customers pleasure. Strategically placing bins of candy near movies, pillows near furniture, purses near dresses, and so forth allows the customer to imagine the need for the two together. It increases the enjoyment of shopping which also increases their final purchases. Cross promotion is a strategic way to increase the customer’s final check out sales.

Utilises Space Efficiently

Bulk products and difficult to stack merchandise are simple to display in dumpbins. These bins free up shelf space for more attractive, simpler to display items.  They turn what could be an unattractive display into a vibrant colorful one. They engage the customer’s attention and curiosity. They are lightweight and simple to move. They hold a great deal of product though they create a small footprint. It is a simple cost-effective way to display merchandise, cross promote, and encourage impulse purchases when properly placed. These small bins carry a great deal of value and effectiveness to your instore marketing plans.

Whether you are looking to improve the organization and look of your displays, move products faster, cross promote, or save space dumpbins are a great solution. They do all of these things. Bargain shoppers love the feeling of finding the perfect item, digging through buried treasure gives the sense of accomplishment and encourages them to continue to the point of purchase. Impulse buys are more frequent with the combined ability to cross-promote. These bins create a sense of fun and accomplishment for the sale shopper while giving you the added benefits of increased sales and a smaller footprint of merchandise. Dumpbins leave room for a cleaner display of full priced items on your shelves. You won’t regret adding them to your store and neither will your customers!