Good copywriting for membership websites

This month we’re working on two clients both with membership businesses.  They need strong copywriting on both their home page and the landing / squeeze page where the pitch for members is made.

We got out and tried to find some good examples of membership sites where a really compelling landing page lays out the offer and the benefits.

It was surprisingly hard.

I had hoped that Copyblogger would be good – but despite moving much of their content behind an email registration wall, the old landing page is no longer there – maybe they’re so well known that the benefits are no longer needed.

We did find some….

Blogging Concentrated Prime

A subscription service for monthly coaching and education on all aspects of blogging for profit – this page really lays out the details of what a member gets and shows archive material which is also available to each new joiner.  The video welcome is a nice touch.

Blogging Concentrated Prime membership area

Blogging Concentrated Prime membership area

Tom Poland’s 8020 Center

A totally different approach is used by expert business coach, Tom Poland.  He uses a letter form to make a strong offer in the headline and a personal offer – with a guarantee.

Tom Poland's 8020 Center offer

Tom Poland’s 8020 Center offer copywriting

EConsultancy and Digital Marketer

Both offering education services to modern marketers, these sites have a near-identical page layout and copy style.  Interestingly, the DM list of advisory courses look like individual tiles, but they all go to a letter-style long copy landing page from the founder, Ryan Deiss.

Econsultancy landing page copywriting example

Econsultancy landing page copywriting example

Digital Marketer landing page copywriting example

Digital Marketer landing page copywriting example


Got any other examples?

Should an educational business use an e book for marketing?

A client writes
I have had two requests come in over the last 2 days for an e-book – should I do one and what will it do?  Also should we run a meet up each month?
An ebook is a great marketing tool because it can achieve several objectives
  • Showcase your skill / expertise
  • Recruit email addresses to a subscription list
  • Act as a filter for new customers (turn them on or off)

This business sells education to a niche of health and wellness professionals and so encouraging them to buy training to up-skill their business can be encouraged by demonstrating the success others have had in an e book.

It could also cover some of the topics at a high level – while leaving the reader wanting more and so coming back to buy from the business.

Using Meetups for business marketing

Meetups can be a great marketing tool especially if you sell an intangible services.  Before starting you must answer these questions
  1. What purpose will it achieve?
  2. How will it push people towards signing up for your courses
If you decide to start a meetup, I’d recommend using and it’ll cost you about $10 a month.  Think carefully about what name you give it and whether it’s purpose is to support graduates of your training or to act as a recruitment tool for new course signups.

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