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Marketing with AI – a warning

Sam Irvine is CEO of Copyright Licensing New Zealand – as a B2B marketer he understands the use cases for AI and marketing. There are two main ones, you can use it internally to manage processes as organisational AI and secondly for external outputs like campaigns and marketing material creation. Good and Bad AI Actors […]

Threads social – early thoughts

It launched. The “new” rival to Twitter. And there have been many attempts to become serious players in the social media space. Read the list of Launch > Defunction > Acquisition > Milestone. Meta will be closely watching our early behaviour on the platform. What we do now may well influence the features, algorithm and […]

AWE Pacific Summit 2023

I am a panelist at the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs summit talking about Social Media, Marketing and communications. Three talking points and answers From your experience in B2B Marketing, what do you think our Pacific & Maori business women who target businesses as customers should focus on for their marketing activities? Understand the customer – […]

Simplify your martech stack

I attended the Marketing Association’s B2B meetup and here’s my write-up on the event. Key learnings Use what you have to the fullest extent – all functionality Simplify your stack NOW Check your use case matches your technology Bring the team with you – upskill them to be confident using technology Match your MarTech Stack […]

Facebook “interests” crib sheet

A client wanted a list of all the different interests which you can select on Facebook to refine a advertising campaign. Here’s some research I found these pages which purport to have the full list of interests for Facebook advertising. some are more recent than others. The last link suggests a layering strategy which may help https://interestexplorer.io/facebook-interests-list/ […]

Networking to find a job

There’s a recession coming. What does that mean for marketing jobs? Two things – a lot of in-house teams will be “let go”. [I hate that phrase.] Secondly, a lot of freelance, contracting and short term jobs will be created. When enterprise finds resources constrained, an easy way to de-risk is to use self-employed talent […]