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How much work does going viral take?

I like being flattered as much as the next social media expert. [I’m not a guru by the way]. And responding promptly to media enquiries is best practice. Here’s an example of a social media agency running a project which wasn’t quite what I expected. Learn from my mistakes. Anatomy of a viral social campaign […]

Ecommerce retail product coherence

Asking the right questions is key to getting the most out of an ecommerce retail marketing adviser. Web traffic to online store Giving “free” advice on the Manaaki forum, I showcase where and how online retailers can improve a lot of their business without a lot of cost. One question asked was I need help […]

What You Can Count on From a Good Copywriting Service

When it comes to efforts such as marketing, advertising, or social media, crafting the right message is essential. You need to communicate effectively with current and prospective customers. It takes great writing to do that. Penning interesting, engaging, and relevant copy might not be your strong suit. In fact, this may be a time when […]

Effective social media tips for B2B

Business to Business marketing is my specialism. The key to robust B2B social media marketing return on investment is persistence, diligence and flashes of genius! Having said that, you need more that just posting regularly to enable social media ROI. Allow me to explain. Your customer pipeline Building authority and demonstrating empathy are the messaging […]

Is all marketing lying?

The advertising industry has a reputation in some quarters as a bunch of liars. And I hate marketers being tarnished by association. Advertising is not Marketing Well advertising is not ALL of marketing: it is a part of marketing. Good marketing offers products to prospects with robust positioning and offers features and benefits. The psychology […]

Client references

It’s always nice to have some past clients who either write testimonials or provide references or act as references for new clients. I was asked recently who my client references are and what I did with and for them. Armour Safety – supplier of health and safety workplace protection whose PPE stocks blasted off the […]

Lunch for business networking

Back in the day I moved to Auckland in 2012 and since I am networked into the tech crowd, I was an early participant in LetsLunch. An opportunity to meet people face to face for a quick lunch and a business ‘get to know you’ discussion. It was a blast – I remember meeting Hamish Pinkham and John […]