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Key parts in a professional email

I got a question about what the four elements that comprise a “professional email”.  I don’t know why the questioner thought that there were four parts.  My best practice has three parts: Tell them what you’re going to tell them Tell them Remind them what you already said Easy! Good email message structure Slightly less […]

How to prototype marketing solutions

Making a big investment into solving a marketing problem is a giant challenge.  The risks are huge, the investment uncertain and the outcomes are unproven. One way to overcome these risks is to do rapid prototyping. Rapid Prototyping needs new adherents Today I interview Joanne Jacobs, an expert in how to use this technique. Talking […]

Overcoming a spam label by MailChimp

One of my clients did something ill-advised and their account got flagged by MailChimp as  spammer. Goodness that’s a tough call and the restrictions placed on the account are significant. The good news is that I succeeded in untangling the situation and restoring the account.  BUT it would have been better never to have got […]

SEO for fitness website

Hi – we are two Strength & Conditioning coaches who have started an online business during lockdown. Our business is called Limitless and focuses on delivering athletic Strength and Conditioning Programmes and all that goes with. We now need to move towards branding (properly) and a website build. I was wondering if you could recommend […]

Click Analysis to raise ROI

Take a look at your most recent email marketing campaign and review where people clicks and how many people clicked on each link. I found that we were getting a lot of clicks in an unexpected place and we were able to correct that in our next campaign iteration. I also recommend a chrome extension […]

Marketing for short planning horizons

Messaging for marketing campaigns during Covid19 We realise the super-short time horizon that we can work on. Plan for the immediate future. Do campaigns that work within a 1 week time horizon. Look at Superdrug’s campaign – be kinder and make smarter choices for our planet and the relationships between brands and customers. Be cautious […]

Will consumer spend recover after Lockdown?

When will consumer spending get back to pre-Covid19 levels? It’s a gigantic question with huge implications for marketing and the world economy.  Early clues are coming out and if you know where to look, you will be able to improve your marketing planning. Frontline consumer research This week I saw two research reports which start […]