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Podcast SEO and search

Podcasts are seriously TERRIBLE at helping your website and brand SEO. If you are a podcaster, chances are that you have a website page or category in which you list your episodes.  But these pages do not perform well in natural search.  Have you done a search in your own analytics for podcast pages?  Have […]

Write a custom 404 error page

Custom 404 pages are a great sign to your readers that you are engaged with your website and want to be helpful. Here is a sample text I wrote for a client Custom 404 page text Oops!  That seems to be a broken link. Sorry. If you have the time or inclination – please tell […]

How retailers can differentiate customers

This photo was shared by the famous author, Susan Cain.  She noted “There’s an introvert on the customer services team.” Her world view is all focused on explaining to the majority of the population who are extroverts how the minority (introverts) prefer to be treated. Skilful marketers treat different customers differently Face to face retail […]

Mid-Sized Business Marketing

The power of New Zealand business as an engine for economic growth lies mainly in  mid-sized businesses.  These are under-recognised by many for the power they wield. Grant Thornton has done a study of the sector  which has some interesting findings. Mid-sized firms are growing faster than large or small (absolute numbers). Most are mature, […]

Solving B2B marketing challenges

I got this question from a client Our challenge is the digital marketer who may not be well-versed in the requirements and realities of B2B. Often they have come from a B2C/retail environment, and might get stuck on things like 3rd party seller integrations that we don’t offer, rather than the deep integration and B2B functionality we […]

Why don’t customers buy now?

Today I’m working with a client who is finding it hard to get prospects to buy. We are working through a list of possible reasons.  My first view is that more advertising / publicity is probably not the reason.  I think that it’s more to do with the offer, the positioning, the brand promise and […]

Corporate gift innovations 2019

Early birds, it’s time to plan your Christmas holiday gifts for clients.  Branded gifts are still good, not naff and definitely give a good return on investment for existing clients and returning client programmes. I took a look at some of the newer and older products available.  Get in touch to discuss your needs – […]