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Analysis of CEO message to customers

Writing tone of voice aligned with brand values is a powerful marketing tool. This email is so powerful because the structure of this message is aligned to brand values open Reminder of their mission  Then acknowledge pain New tools that support their community Sign off with a humble acknowledgement The full text Dear SoundCloud Creators, Since our […]

Rush into eCommerce during Lockdown

Today’s first quick marketing tip is about Competitor analysis – find out what your competitors are doing to market at this time Open a search window and type your brand name vs. Wait and see what auto complete suggests. Then do it again for the suggested name. I did the Warehouse vs and it suggested […]

Messaging frequency in Covid19

How frequently should you message your customers during the Covid-19 lockdown? Google my Business has a new tab with Covid19 status for your business – useful to update folks if you are open or not. And the new Facebook layout seems to have relaxed flood control for messenger.   No related posts.

Proactive Recession Marketing

3 things you can do today to help your business through this recession. Build the mailing list Find where your audience is hanging out (Use Alexa to do site ranks by country) Display advertising can get rapidly updating messages out. Are you open? Does mail order work? Can you deliver? Are there restrictions? What’s your […]

How to write a good Covid-19 email

There are 3 types of message – two are a waste of time and effort. Focus appropriately. Give clear messages. Understand the customer’s point of view. Be practical. Help others to stay within the Government’s Level 4 guidelines. Subscribe to get these short update videos in YouTube or LinkedIn and please pass them to folks […]

Crisis Communications Rule of 3

What can brands say to their customers now it’s clear that business as not-normal will continue? – two content messaging ideas are in the video 3 rules for crisis communications 100% transparency Write with compassion Be clear, accurate and concise about tough decisions     No related posts.

Copywriting to shorten marketing messages

Our team brings you the news about our economy that requires intensive investigation, providing an important resource for Kiwis who want to make well-informed financial decisions. Your contribution fuels our capacity to provide independent reporting & analysis, while also keeping our site open for comments & community engagement. A case study – the client supplied […]

SEO for online retail

I’m doing quick updates on daily topics.  Let me know what is helpful for you. Business rules for ERP A challenge for a retail website selling B2B. Where and how to update SEO – should it be in ERP or should it be on the site? How to set rules?   No related posts.