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3 Ways to Improve Customer Retention

Are you looking to build a loyal following among your customers? Great marketing strategies brought them to you, but now it’s your job to keep them. Marketing can only do so much and it is important to understand that there is nothing more effective than customer care when seeking to grow your market. Poor customer […]

How to become an Effective Business Leader

If you are responsible for the running of a business, then you are a leader. Being a leader means having the specific skills required to get the best out of people, such as employees, suppliers, and the people you meet in the running of your business. With an effective leader steering the ship, a business […]

In-House Vs. Freelance Writers: The Pros and Cons

Marketers rely heavily on high-quality content to drive traffic to sites and landing pages and forge a strong relationship with their target market. And while lots of content is visual and auditory, like videos, infographics, photographs and podcasts, writers are still essential. Content writers don’t just work on blog posts and website content; they’re also […]