A Successful Blog Deserves a Great Design: Builders That Have the Tools You Need to Make Your Blog Great

Building a successful blog takes a lot of hard work and patience, but the rewards are totally worth it. One problem many businesses and bloggers face, however, is that no matter how much time and effort they put into creating great content, they just can’t seem to convert as well as they’d like. Are you in that situation? Are you getting a good amount of traffic and new visitors but are just having a hard time converting those visitors into subscribers and customers?

Your content might not be the problem. Your traffic might not be at fault either. The problem might be your site design.

How Your Blog Design Contributes to Your Success

Your blog is a powerful tool for promoting your business. Blog posts can drive traffic to your website, helping those visitors find information, products, services and solutions for the challenges they face. Your blog can build your brand and your reputation in your industry. A well-optimized blog can convert readers into fans and fans into customers, and it can do all of this around the clock on autopilot. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

But it takes more than just great content for a blog to reach its full potential and to achieve the highest levels of success. Great blog content requires great design in order to organize and present that information in ways that are easy for visitors to consume. Powerful visual elements convert better and help you grab people’s attention when they land on your website, reeling them in long enough for them to actually read your content and benefit from it.

People today expect a successful blog to look beautiful, to have bold, professional design. If they come to your site and see poor design and confusing layouts, they’re less likely to take you seriously and are actually more likely to click away and visit one of your competitors instead.

Anyone Can Build A Professional Website

But you don’t need to hire an expensive graphic designer to have a beautiful blog design. You can actually do it yourself, and you don’t need to have any formal training or professional design skills. Many top blogs today are designed quickly and easily using web builder software like Wix, SquareSpace and Weebly. These apps allow normal people like you to create a fully-functional blog, to customise layouts and colours and create a blog with powerful design elements. And it can all be done in less time than you ever imagined, thanks to simple drag-and-drop design functionality. You can literally give your blog a professional makeover in minutes without knowing the first thing about coding or programming.

Website Builders Offer Thousands of Design Options

The top website builders all offer hundreds of layout templates that are highly customisation. You can change around the colour schemes and re position graphics, call-to-action buttons and other design elements with the click of a button. There are tons of mini-features that can be added in a snap. You can drop in your company logo, create an about page with photos and blurbs from your staff. You can create e-commerce elements to display and sell your products right there on your website. With all the customisation options available, you literally have thousands of design combinations to work with when you use one of the top site builders. Check out a site builder comparison to see detailed reviews of all the features available with the best website builders.

No matter what type of business you’re in, there’s a builder with lots of options that will give you a lot of flexibility when creating your new website design. Whether you’re a caterer, artist, retailer, writer or licensed plumber, today’s website builders can set you up with a professional site in minutes.


5 Reasons Why Unified Branding is So Important for Your Business

You want your company to be recognized no matter where a person sees it. This counts on all fronts – you want every single social network to have a unified look to them, and you want that look to borrow from your website. Branding is such a crucial aspect of marketing that you need to have for your business. If you don’t have a key theme that permeates throughout every channel you use, you need to start now. Here are five reasons why unified aesthetics (or branding) are important for your business:

1. Your Brand Needs its Own Personality

People don’t connect with objects, they connect with the human traits that they assign to them. Companies that have its own personality feel like a friend to a customer. They are a buddy or someone that you look up to. Whatever your brand is, create a persona that permeates throughout all your branding efforts. Your company needs to feel like someone recognizable. Have a specific voice, a specific look, and benefit from being unique.

2. You Need to Be Recognizable Wherever You Are

When you are a large brand, or even just online, you will be seen from people all over the world. You want people to be able to recognize the branding of your company, even if they cannot understand the language. It is for this very reason that McDonald’s is so successful worldwide. The same goes for other large companies like Starbucks. The unified branding means that, if anyone, anywhere, were to visit another country, they can be assured that they will find the same food and experience at any McDonald’s they come across.

3. Branding Builds Loyalty

Branding means having a look and persona that people recognize and know. As a rule, people will always use the brand that they know over a new, unknown brand. That is where the strength in branding lies. You want people to register your product as something they know and trust. Once you do that, you have a loyal customer.

4. Branding Helps You Convey Information

You can convey a lot of information about yourself, your values, and your vision through visuals. Bright, primary colors convey different information than dark natural tones. Use visual cues to tell your customers and visitors who you are without even saying a word.

5. It Will Grow Your Business

Loyal customers will provide repeat business, and happy customers will provide word-of-mouth marketing for you at no extra charge. Have your customers vouch for you, and focus on building your relationships with them to cultivate that loyalty.

Branding is everything from your website to your social networks to your marketing campaigns. Use marketing automation to couple your unified branding with tailored experiences that will increase your customer loyalty and repeat business through uniform emails. You want to be a brand that people trust and return to. To do that, you need to be recognizable on all fronts. Be familiar, be professional, and people will return.