BC Stack 2017

Being Proactive About Your Digital Marketing Proficiency

The rapid pace of innovation in the digital marketing sphere means staying up-to-date and informed on topics in the industry is an essential skill. Google offers a good starting point for research, however, access to a curated compilation of tutorials can give you a greater advantage.

We’d like to congratulate Dan Morris and Rachel Martin from Blogging Concentrated for putting together another excellent collection of resources with this year’s BC Stack, worth over $8,000 in value. 65 products come together into a single package that is offered for only US$27 (~NZ$37) during a 7-day promotion that ends tomorrow

The stack accumulates years of expertise from 65 industry professionals that provides an all-encompassing marketing database. Check out the product list subdivided into relevant categories below to start formulating a plan to accelerate your education.

#Affiliate Marketing

  • How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Campaign that Converts — Robin Cockrell
  • Affiliate Marketing Mini Course — Kayla Aimee
  • Ways to Make Money With Amazon You Never Knew — Sheri Ann Richerson

#Business Strategy

  • Performance Coach University — Jairek Robbins
  • How To Be An Influencer — Neal Schaffer
  • How To Build A Power Presence On Social Media — Aikyna Finch
  • 7 Reasons Your Small Business Is Not Setup To Thrive And How To Fix It — Isabelle Mercier Turcotte
  • Private Coaching Planner — Nicole Dean
  • The BC eBusiness Subscription Box (1 year) — Dan Morris & Rachel Martin
  • Private Coaching Planner — Nicole Dean

#Content Marketing

  • Small Blog, Big Income: Advanced Ninja Tricks for Profitable Blogging — Carol Tice
  • One WordPress Premium Lifetime Plugin — Lynette Chandler
  • Primp My Post: More Page views Without More Content?? — Angie Nelson
  • How to Successfully Organize a Blog with Multiple Topics — Lena Gott
  • 20 Day Blogging Bootcamp — Maria Davis
  • Blogging for Stay At Home Moms — Aysha Iqbal
  • A Guide to Your Technical Blogging Frustrations — Lesley Clavijo
  • Web Design Crash Course for Creative Bloggers — Sarah Eggers


  • Zero to Your First $10K — Brain Lofrumento
  • Live Sales Funnels Masterclass — Ingrid Kellly-Owens
  • Membership Ignition — Chad Fullerton
  • How to Create Passive Income with Digital Products — Carla Lynne Hall
  • Monetization Tools and Tech — Jeremy Randall
  • 11 Ways to Profit with Pre-Written Content Report — April Lemarr
  • Domain Flipping and Investing, From The Inside Out — Gene Pimentel

#Growth Hacking

  • Traffic Avalanche Strategy — Mary Jacksh
  • Traffic NOW Technique from PotPieGirl — Jennifer Ledbetter
  • The Triple Loop Autoresponder System — Neil Kristianson
  • ConvertKit Masterclass: Email Marketing — Monica Froese

#Leading Edge Tools

  • Easy Does It: Webinar Sales Funnel Training — Cindy Bidar
  • Media Kit Smash — Melissa Culbertson
  • Speaker One Sheet Design Templates — Angelique Duffield
  • Event Buzz: A Blueprint for Filling Your Events and Increasing Engagement — Jennifer Henczel
  • Google Analytics Training — Sarah Arrow
  • 15 Day Google Analytics Challenge — Adrienne Dupree
  • $37 Gift Certificate for a PLR Product — Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers


  • Podcast Mastermind: Ask Me Anything — Vernon Ross
  • Podcast Editing — Natasha Rivera
  • Accelerate your Podcast Success — Ani Alexander
  • Should You Start a Podcast — Kirsten Oliphant

#PR Management

  • How To Become A Local Celebrity — Connie Ragen Green
  • Zero Bullshit PR: Discover How to Get the Attention of Media — Tammy York


  • Make Money While Working Less — Sarah Titus
  • Stretched Too Thin: 10 Days to Overcoming the Hustle and Thriving as a Working Mom — Jessica Turner
  • Momentum Intensive: Change How You Show Up — Kelly McCausey
  • Travel the World as a Digital Nomad — Ricky Shetty
  • The Athlete’s Edge: a Dramatically Different Approach to Crush Your Limits — Gina Parris
  • How to Outsource to a VA — Tawyna Sutherland
  • Photoshop Your Biz — Holly McCaig
  • 3 Month Marketing Planner — Joanne McGowan
  • 3 Months Pre-Written Marketing Plans — Crissy Herron


  • The Complete Kindle Publishing Course — Tom Corson-Knowles
  • Build Book Buzz Publicity Forms & Templates — Sandra Beckwith
  • 30 Days to Self Publishing: Taking Control — Dan King
  • Compilation of eBooks — Crystal Stine

#Social Media

  • Ultimate Facebook Profits Masterclass — Matt Astifan
  • Viral Content Busy Bee Account and Reputation Management Course — Ann Smarty
  • Hashtag Membership Directory — Helene Sula
  • LinkedIn Profile Makeover Course — Ted Prodromou
  • The Unofficial Book on HootSuite — Mike Allton
  • Periscope for Entrepreneurs — Joan Mullaly


  • Make Video Magic: How to Edit Videos — Albert Bonet
  • YouTube Success: Pitch Close Upsell Repeat — David Anderson
  • Making Videos and Life Easier with Camtasia — Michelle Schoen
  • Best Practices for Successful Video Podcasting — Scott Paton
  • Mastering Mobile Video — Mike Stewart
  • Get Your Logo / Image Animated — Simon Fawkes

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BC Prime Stack Digital Marketing

Fresh ideas for your digital marketing

Self-education is important in life and particularly in digital marketing.  So many people tell us they “don’t know where to start” or “am I getting good advice?”.  And so we always say, go and research the topic.  Find out as much information as you can and become informed.

One way to shortcut this research process is to buy training or coaching from an expert and today we’re giving you the opportunity to buy a stack of tutorials in our best value online marketing education offer.

Our friends at Blogging Concentrated, Dan Morris and Rachel Martin have pulled together the BC Stack.  It’s a one-off promotion for 7 days with a large number of products all for sale together for a single price of US$27 (approx NZ$37).  We have contributed the Proactive B2B New Biz Toolkit to the stack.

Conrado has reviewed the full product list and summarised them into categories so you can appraise the area of most interest to yourself.  All the names in bold are personally known to the CAS team.

#Content Marketing

  • Write Nonfiction Like A Pro – Tom Corson-Knowles
  • 101 Viral Titles – Rachel Miller
  • Podcasters Secret Weapon – Launch Guide – Luis Congdon
  • Really Simple Content Marketing – Connie Ragen Green

#Social Media

  • Stop Guessing: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Social Media Strategy – Jenn Herman
  • How to Shoot Multi Camera Facebook Live Videos – Holly Homer
  • Ultimate Evergreen Facebook Ad Formula – Maria Gudelis
  • Social Imageries – Jam Mayer

#Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing Masterclass – Robin Cockrell & Lesley Stevens
  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing – Gavin Male
  • Bloggers Guide to Affiliate Marketing – Katie Hornor


  • Branding from the Inside Out – Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte
  • Write Kindle Books Ridiculously Fast: 1 Book Every Month! – Marc Guberti
  • Simple Platform Building 101 – Joe Pardo
  • Small Blog, Big Income – Carol Tice

#Growth Hacking

  • 31 Days to Get More Customers, Increase Traffic, and Boost Sales – Prerna Malik
  • The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Mark Hayes
  • Leveraging Systems and Automation for Massive Profits – Johann Noguiera
  • 30 Day List Building Funnel – Jo Barnes

#Leading Edge Tools

  • Facebook Live Quickstart – Chris Lockwood
  • Podcast Prospect Machine: next level strategies – Vernon Foster II
  • Podcasters Launch Guide – Luis Congdon
  • Google Analytics Dashboards – Clare Swindlehurst
  • Why brands should be social listening – Jason Falls

#Business To Business

  • How to research your competition – Sharyn Sheldon
  • Done for your marketing templates – Alice Seba and Ron Douglas


  • How to Hire Help – Lisa Kelly Woodruff
  • 25 Incredible Internet Marketing Checklists and Worksheets – Brian Basilico
  • 50 ways to increase productivity a guide for the self-employed – Cyn Gagen
  • The Ultimate social media productivity system for entrepreneurs – Yolanda Spinks

#New Zealand Authors

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing – Gavin Male
  • Proactive B2B New Biz Toolkit – Rebecca Caroe
  • Social Imageries – Jam Mayer
  • Blog Writers Bootcamp – Mary Jaksch
  • The Growth Hackers Guide to the Universe – Mark Hayes
  • The Go To Girl – Natalie Cutler-Welsh

The BC Stack offer runs from 28th June NZT until 2nd July NZT

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