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SEO for fitness website

Hi – we are two Strength & Conditioning coaches who have started an online business during lockdown. Our business is called Limitless and focuses on delivering athletic Strength and Conditioning Programmes and all that goes with. We now need to move towards branding (properly) and a website build. I was wondering if you could recommend a supplier that might suit our needs. Obviously we are a start up and need to do this in stages and in a cost effective way – but also someone that might understand the nuances of the fitness industry and its unique content creation.

Content creation for marketing

I have built three fitness businesses all around the sport of rowing.

Get that website built as the team suggest above…. but while that’s happening, start to build your profile as experts on Facebook, Instagram and through blogging and podcasting.

Take a look at these guys – 3 S&C coaches talking about their expertise in the context of the sport.

Types of content for sport businesses

These are the content creation pieces they have done

  • Blog post
  • Podcast episode
  • Video
  • ebook
  • Social sharing

All these were done for ONE piece of content – their most recent podcast episode.  So they use the principle of “write once use three times”.

SEO for sports website

Neil Patel can give you some guidance on how to do SEO for your blog posts too. and here’s his app SEO Analyser.

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Click Analysis to raise ROI

Take a look at your most recent email marketing campaign and review where people clicks and how many people clicked on each link.

I found that we were getting a lot of clicks in an unexpected place and we were able to correct that in our next campaign iteration. I also recommend a chrome extension which will help you appraise your website clicks.

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