Freelancer Vs In house

In-House Vs. Freelance Writers: The Pros and Cons

Marketers rely heavily on high-quality content to drive traffic to sites and landing pages and forge a strong relationship with their target market. And while lots of content is visual and auditory, like videos, infographics, photographs and podcasts, writers are still essential. Content writers don’t just work on blog posts and website content; they’re also needed to write compelling descriptions or explanations of the other content that you are sharing, like videos, and any other written copy that’s essential to encouraging interest in a product, like landing page sales pitches. Whether to hire an in-house writer or a freelancer is a bit of a debate between content marketers, so we’ve discussed some of the pros and cons.

Freelancer Vs In house

Freelancer Vs In house

Pros of In-House – You’ve Always Got a Writer

Well, unless they hand in their notice, one of the most obvious pros of hiring an in-house writer is that you have a writer on your payroll. You can go to them in the office at any time of the working day and ask them to write something for you and since they’re right there, explaining to them what you want in person can be a lot easier than trying to make it make sense over an email. On the other hand, freelance writers often work for a variety of different clients so you might not always get an answer from them immediately and it might be necessary to wait a little longer to get your content.

Cons of In-House – It Can Get Expensive

Depending on the amount of writing that you need doing, hiring an in-house writer on a salary can get expensive compared to working with a freelancer, who’ll usually charge you only for the work he or she does. Unless you are churning out tons of written content on a day-to-day basis, hiring an in-house writer might be a totally unnecessary expense for your business.

Pros of Freelancers – You’ll Get More Choice

Contrary to hiring in-house, where you need to hope that there’s a talented writer looking for work in your local area, working with a freelancer means that you can choose from talented individuals across the country or even abroad. It’s not uncommon for freelancer writers to work with clients overseas, so your top writers could be a thousand miles away.

Cons of Freelancers – Communication Might Not Be as Easy

Tools like Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts and even Skype have made it easier than ever to communicate with freelancers, so don’t think that communicating with your freelance writer is going to be hard – it probably won’t be. But bear in mind that if you’re working with a writer who sets their own hours, or is in a different time zone to yourself, they might not always be available at the times you want them to be, compared to an in-house writer. Of course, this can be made as easy as possible to deal with from the start by making your needs clear and working with a writer who can fill them.

So, there you have it – the pros and cons of hiring in-house and freelance writers. Which is the best option for your business?