Psychometric profile report sample

Psychometric Reports add value to an Accountant’s Tool Box

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place……. (George Bernard Shaw). 

Communication has always been important but in these days of Facebook, LinkedIn texting and all that

Psychometric profile report sample

Psychometric profile report sample

goes with these mediums, do we really understand the individual through these communication channels?

Psychometrics literally means “measurement of the mind”, but what does that mean?

Psychometrics include aptitude/ability tests but also, arguably even more importantly, personality and behavioural reporting.  And this is why consultants and accountants in increasing numbers are recommending this methodology to their clients, quite apart from the fact that they too can use behavioural reports for their own team building in recruitment, motivation and communication.

Why Accountants need different staff

Accountants are facing the need to broaden their consulting services and clearly human resources tools are an obvious and practical option.  As Mark Twain puts it “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”.  Progressive accountants realise the importance of understanding their clients and the importance of their clients understanding what makes their employees tick.

So what’s involved in grasping this methodology?

HR Profiling Solutions provide versatile, user friendly psychometric testing tools empowering you and your clients to get the best from people, improve performance
and the bottom line.

We are the Master Distributors of Extended DISC and the recently released FinxS products for the Australasian region, representing a Finnish based global organisation which has distributors in some 80 countries. 

Reporting is based on world renowned and validated theory, is available in 60 languages, and uses methodology which is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading and most advanced assessment systems.

The FinxS system offers versatility with the ability to brand and customise reports according to client requirements.  The system also offers significant value added, user friendly options (once a Behavioural Analysis has been produced), all available at no additional cost including:

  • A range of standard competency reports, eg Accounting Profession, Business Development, Management etc
  • Team, Recruitment, Work Pair Analysis & Vocational Aptitude Reports
  • Online functions accessing 1,000+ competency resource
  • Ability to create specific Job Template 

FREE offer for our readers

If you would like to learn more about how you can help your clients to grow whilst generating additional revenue for your practice, HR Profiling will provide a free test report with no ongoing obligations to any accountant who wishes to test drive the system and make their decision as to accuracy, value and practical application by contacting Alison Sherning on 0800 333 668 (New Zealand) or 1800 764 432 (Australia).