Networking to find a job

There’s a recession coming.

What does that mean for marketing jobs? Two things – a lot of in-house teams will be “let go”. [I hate that phrase.] Secondly, a lot of freelance, contracting and short term jobs will be created.

When enterprise finds resources constrained, an easy way to de-risk is to use self-employed talent on an as-needs basis. You know the expenditure, the duration and it can be tied to project delivery too.

Will you win marketing contract work?

In all likelihood not, especially if you rely on getting hired from job adverts.

It’s supply and demand. The supply is too high and it’s very hard to stand out from the crowd. You won’t be the cheapest (some employers will want that); you may not be the best (they’ll hire someone they already know for this) and you likely won’t be the first to apply either.

What to do?

Use. Your. Network.

Yes, your friends, past colleagues, acquaintances and work connections are your network. They are key to getting your next work placement.

Anyone who puts forward someone they know for a job will stand out – you will go to the top of the pile, you have a recommendation and an endorsement from a trusted third party AND if you’re good enough, the employer won’t bother advertising the role.

That’s how to bypass the crowd and land your next marketing job.

LinkedIn Rocks

This situation is when you have a hidden advantage – the network you have already built.

I posted this onto my profile.

I need a BIG challenge.

And so I am looking to join a purpose-driven company who needs an experienced marketer. If you are in #B2B#SaaS, or #ProfessionalServices marketing …. read on.

I have worked with growing businesses from NZ, AU, USA, UK with #marketing and #brand strategy, go-to-market plans, CRM, SEO, copywriting, partnerships, communications and community.

I’m looking for my next challenge now. to do my best work. Full time or 1-3 days per week.

I’d appreciate an introduction to your business – or others you know.

Please share with your network to spread the word

In gratitude.

The result? Several nice public comments about my skills. In private – over a dozen serious enquiries from employers.

Why does this text work?

Firstly, it has a strong headline. It creates impact by being short and to the point.

The next sentence is only partially visible and the reader has to click the “more” button to read it. That tells LInkedIn that this is interesting content – which boosts the algorithmic display properties of this post.

The short list of industries and skills enable the reader to quickly qualify themselves in or out. This means you don’t get contacted by people who are not right for your skills and areas of expertise.

The “ask” is also short, and generously worded.

Hat tip to Justin who did it first.

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