Design an Office for Millennials and They Will Come

If it feels like millennials rule the workplace, it’s because they do. By 2030, they’ll make up at least 75% of the American workforce. Millennials are often critiqued for being entitled and having overly high expectations, but performance marketing expert and entrepreneur Eyal Gutentag believes that companies would do well to rise to their demands as it will only make them a more high-performing business in the long run. But first you need to attract millennials to you, and their discerning interests cover everything from corporate culture to office design. So, while you may not be able to change everything overnight, here are some design suggestions to enable you to work towards a more millennial-friendly environment.


Far from wanting their own desk, millennials want the freedom to work where they like within the office – whether that be with a table full of people, on a desk for one, or even on the roof. Make sure you have power sockets and USB ports everywhere as you never know where they might want to gather inspiration.


You might not have the biggest office space, but if you can create natural light and space with what you do have, you’ll stand out from the crowd – think huge floor-to-ceiling windows. But if that’s unrealistic, there are many light solutions that recreate an outdoorsy feel.


Millennials aren’t your typical nine-to-fiver – they pull all-nighters, they sit down for hours, and they’re restless. They’re looking for comfort: an office space they can chill out in when they take a break, ergonomically designed furniture – free food and drink, even.

With a little bit of thought, you can create an innovative, fun, and creative work environment in which any millennial would be proud to work. And if you’re stumped for ideas, turn to social media as it is ripe with design inspiration from the audience themselves.