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We Review a Service Business Website

We pitched a client – we didn’t win.  And so I decided to show you all how we assessed their website in scoping out the work that is needed to improve the search engine optimisation for this company. They offer a local service and have two principal products. First impressions of the website Go to […]

Kiwibank, this is how I’d re-write your email

And I made a fool of myself on LinkedIn by explaining how I totally mis-understood Mark Wilkshire’s message. Re-write to clarify the message Here is how I would re-write the email in order to prevent others doing what I did.  [Aside: surely I’m not the most stupid customer Kiwibank has…please, humour me!] Dear Rebecca You […]

Creative and Search Agency Collaboration

How should creative agencies and search agencies collaborate when relaunching a website? The key part of any site build and launch is continuity for the search engines.  Few brands are creating websites for the first time nowadays (although SMEs are).  For me, the key parts of this agency collaboration are based around making sure the […]

Benefits of Investing in CRM for your Business

The major reason why you need to invest in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is to improve the relationship with your current customers, engage with potential customers, and win back former customers. You can implement this system in your business by using a software that enables you to collect, organize, and manage customer information. […]

Youth Entrepreneur Organisations in New Zealand

I put a question out to my network on behalf of an Australian organisation who are running a similar programme and want to partner. Here’s the results list thus far. Young Enterprise runs the Y.E.S Programme in schools. Ministry of Awesome (coworking space in Christchurch) University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship CORE Education OysterCatchers has […]

Website designer and Illustration needed

Professional Services Firm needs website refresh Launched two years ago, the firm has expanded its range of services, testimonials and team and would like to review the whole website to make it more focused towards new business development and getting incoming enquiries from site visitors. The team is keen to develop unique illustrations to go […]

YIKES! My Facebook Group Got Hijacked by Competitors

When you start a group online in a public social platform, it’s easy. Nothing much happens until your group hits a ‘tipping point” of size + engagement + activity. Different groups achieve this at different points in time. We have a sports group run for a client that has nearly 2,200 members and gets 2–3 […]