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We’re hiring – Marketing Assistant – Digital Marketing

Marketing Assistant specialising in Digital Marketing and Copywriting. Creative Agency Secrets provides digital marketing services for brands and businesses. We are a leading agency innovating with marketing techniques like social media, community building, direct response and advanced blogging. Working with us you will learn how to run a website, ecommerce shop, blog, email marketing, database […]

Preparatory work for direct mail lowers costs

Direct mail is a highly effective marketing technique that delivers sales revenue in a short time frame.   Some direct mail is poorly conceived and so does not achieve its potential. [WARNING – this is not always true]. I received three mailers from a printing firm which serve as a great example of a campaign […]

January website checks you MUST make

It’s January – we are back from the Christmas break and many firms are still on a skeleton staff.  Some are back full time – but we’re all filled with the pressures of a new year – new marketing plans, new services, new products. For most of us, we’ve already forgotten the marketing we did […]

Do Consumers Need to Know Where Our Business is Located?

Today’s always-on global world could make your business location seem to be an irrelevancy.  But the opposite is true.  Local marketing is now the fastest-growing part of online marketing specialisms.  And it matters.  Let me explain. So here are 3 examples for you to use when considering international website domains.  Feel local but act global […]

What’s a typical response rate for personalised B2B direct mail?

What’s a typical response rate for highly personalised B2B direct mail? What provider would you work with? I’ve heard of Enthusem and Pebblepost. It’s a well designed card with their logo, name or website on it. Your response rate for B2B direct mail depends on a couple of things What you’re selling and whether the recipient […]