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Restart advertising now

The top of the funnel is ready to be filled again.

It is imperative that all marketers restart advertising and early-stage communications.

We look at Google AdWords and the Google AdWords optimiser AI software.

Would you consider doing mini videos? We get good feedback from these ones.


The Superdrug campaign

Superdrug campaign, kind and smart icons,

Superdrug’s kinder and smarter campaign icons

Catch up on past videos

If you have missed past episodes – here’s the playlist of Recession Marketing mini videos

Marketing after lockdown ends

Post-lockdown marketing is not going to be anything like we did before.  There are new constraints and new opportunities – it’s up to us to start to find what these are new.

Start preparing for Level 3 marketing

  • One accounting firm offered to open their ‘little black book’ to source helpful contacts among their clients
  • Neil Patel has written a Global SEO technical article 
  • Find helpful topics using
  • Check for early signs about consumer sentiment post-lockdown.  The new normal will not be the same, must as we might have liked to move back to what went before.


lockdown customer survey

Customer survey during lockdown

Continuing our series on lockdown marketing tips – how about doing a survey of your customers?

  • One goal
  • Few questions
  • Allow freeform answers as well as picklists
  • Make a valuable offer at the end.