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Want To Grow Your Business Online? Here’s How!

Many business owners dream of outperforming competitors through the creation of a strong online presence. If you’re ready to grow your brand online, note that the following strategies can help you do it: 1. Tap Into The Power Of Word-Of-Mouth Advertising One of the best ways to grow your business online is through the use […]

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Rebecca Caroe

How is your marketing going?   If you could make one change to your marketing for 2018 – what would it be? (Be brutally honest, tell us what being in control would mean to you). Now’s your chance to start that change. Rebecca Caroe is doing a national tour visiting these cities Christchurch 24th November, 2017 Tauranga on 27th November, 2017 […]

Interview: Luke Hohmann, Conteneo Weave

Luke is in town for the Agile NZ conference and graciously agreed to give us an interview. I first ran into Luke because I am a particular fan of his Innovation Games sub-brand.  Check out these for your next team brainstorming session.  There are 12 games all explained in detail.  Some are part of the […]

Wanted – Graphic design for B2B brand

Real Estate services brand needs print collateral for distributed salesforce. The client is rolling out a nationwide service and needs consistent branding and messaging in print for the team to take out to prospective clients. Leading with a “leave-behind” brochure and business cards, everything needs to be perceived as the local representative of a national […]

We Review a Service Business Website

We pitched a client – we didn’t win.  And so I decided to show you all how we assessed their website in scoping out the work that is needed to improve the search engine optimisation for this company. They offer a local service and have two principal products. First impressions of the website Go to […]

Kiwibank, this is how I’d re-write your email

And I made a fool of myself on LinkedIn by explaining how I totally mis-understood Mark Wilkshire’s message. Re-write to clarify the message Here is how I would re-write the email in order to prevent others doing what I did.  [Aside: surely I’m not the most stupid customer Kiwibank has…please, humour me!] Dear Rebecca You […]