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Marketing for a web design business

I’d like to chat about marketing for my small web design business.  I’ve got to this point without needing to do much marketing, however, to grow, I need to be doing something!  What’s your advice? Having looked at many, many web design agency websites, there is one clear point of difference which you have that […]

Only the digitally confused need attend!

No, I don’t want you to come to our event unless you qualify On 27th September I’m speaking at a breakfast event. [ticket reservations below] It’s about de-coding digital marketing for folks who are confused about how to do digital communications successfully. Why am I doing the gig? Despite digital being commonplace to me, it’s not that […]

How to Cash Flow your Marketing

Finance people see marketing activities differently.  They may be blocking spend that you perceive essential.  To understand the Chief Finance Officer’s perspective on marketing, we decided to interview expert CFO Trish Love about how she makes decisions to spend money on Marketing. Marketing Activities versus Cash Flow Trish has an 8 step process she uses […]

How I plan to benefit from a lost pitch

A question from Quora was sent to me to answer. And it demonstrates so neatly why many new business people get discouraged by apparent failures. My answer shows how to play the “advantage” card from a disappointment and position yourself for future success while gaining valuable business experience from the situation. My business partner’s dad/investors […]

Mystery, conspiracy or just plain busy?

I wrote the headline to a prospect who wasn’t returning my calls. The goal was to provoke a response – I also left phone messages…several. When you have new business pipeline deals to close, remember this one thing. The client does not owe you the business but s/he does owe you an answer. There are […]

Devastating marketing tactic blows away the competition

Every marketer dreams of being able to help their clients achieve an unassailable advantage over their competition. Kinda like Asterix and Obelix the ‘indomitable Gauls’ against the Roman Empire. A Killer App for Professional Services Marketing I dream of finding a marketing tool or service which will knock my opposition’s pitch out of the ballpark.  Today […]