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Do Consumers Need to Know Where Our Business is Located?

Today’s always-on global world could make your business location seem to be an irrelevancy.  But the opposite is true.  Local marketing is now the fastest-growing part of online marketing specialisms.  And it matters.  Let me explain. So here are 3 examples for you to use when considering international website domains.  Feel local but act global […]

What’s a typical response rate for personalised B2B direct mail?

What’s a typical response rate for highly personalised B2B direct mail? What provider would you work with? I’ve heard of Enthusem and Pebblepost. It’s a well designed card with their logo, name or website on it. Your response rate for B2B direct mail depends on a couple of things What you’re selling and whether the recipient […]

How to use brand icons to drive sales

My philosophy of marketing is that every part of your marketing toolkit that you’ve spent money developing should be working hard to generate sales for your business. Creating a strong visual identity is a given.  But what about extending it into other marketing areas? We have been experimenting using content marketing to reinforce visual identity […]

Website Rescue Brief

The  client has a part-built WordPress website which needs a strong design improvement. We need a team to take over the current design and create a robust wireframe and template design that fits with their corporate logotype.  We want the end result to be clear and simple for the reader.   Start from scratch or re-work […]

What’s the best way to get more paying customers?

Write your new business development year plan with Creative Agency Secrets The answer, is a new business development plan.  That’s a month by month chart of marketing promotion activities.  It includes proactive marketing that builds up your business profile which leads to enquiries which become sales.  It’s a continuous cycle. Join us for in a […]